Unfortunately people are voted in because they are popular, familiar …

Comment on Gunner not the best Chief Minister we can have: McConnell by James T Smerk.

Unfortunately people are voted in because they are popular, familiar or the people are sick of the alternative and by what they promise and say. There is nothing to say they can’t change their minds and do whatever they want once they are in, they aren’t held accountable for prior promises. These people aren’t voted in based on their ability to lead or manage which is what is wrong with our system.
It’s easy to get the vote nowadays, just say you will be hard on crime, that’s what people want to hear. I’m sure there are people out there who wouldn’t care if we were running into debt as long as they could feel safe in their homes. Which is what the Chief Minister is ultimately responsible for, but hey nothing happens to them if they don’t fulfil this obligation to the community.

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