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@ Evelyne Roullet: Let’s face it. Bob Collins had a significant self interest in making that comment as a pollie representing the NT.
Was Bob and his fellow pollies’ failure to see things going downhill, even all those years ago, perhaps part of the long-entrenched problem that led to the sorry state of affairs now?

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Suddenly everyone is talking about 1Territory
@Bob Beadman. That is a comment worth thought. But that was a long time ago – in a different world. Agree with you that Canberra is La La Land. However, the local pollies have had plenty of opportinities, only to blow it big time. In today’s environment, Territory administration surely can be effectively controlled by locals delivering vital services to give Territorians a good quality of life, do you think?

Suddenly everyone is talking about 1Territory
Independent MPs have their own individual agendas. They are smaller versions of the major parties. It is hardly likely that they would get together to bring fiscal responsibility back as a Territory priority.
Badly needed: Dennis Stevenson to gather support for an abolition of the NT Self Government Act 1978.

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Fiscal emergency: Get rid of Ministers, says Opposition
Since Federation the bureacracy has gradually increased its influence on the Parliament, in a way that our Federation founding legislators never envisaged in their wildest dreams.
The NT experience is no different from the other States and Territories.
The staffers and their extension the departments are like poison ivy, climbing and choking the Parliament.
Prune them back and the good pollies will breathe and blossom, making their own decisions.

Alice has hottest day on record
Evelyne, you send a timely message of optimism to Alicians for 2019. It is most welcome, I am sure, to the townspeople as the Deniers v Alarmists heat up in the Great Climate Change Debate. My money is on the Deniers.

Alice has hottest day on record
Uh! Oh! Climate Change! Head for the hills!

Vowles, McConnell and Collins dumped from Caucus
Dennis Stevenson’s Abolish Self Government party in the ACT in the 1980s is looking increasingly relevant to to the NT state of affairs right now.
Stevenson promised if he could get a quorum of Legislative Members he would introduce a Bill to dissolve the parliament and return governance of the ACT to the former administration that ran the capital efficiently without politicians.
With increasing numbers of independent Members in the NT Parliament, a modern day Dennis Stevenson would prove interesting.

Children in care management system to cost $229m
Evelyne Roullet asks the pertinent questiin. Wayne Swan in 2007 made government credit spending the new mantra, fiscal responsibility and only spending what was in the national kitty was expected by the people from governments since Federation.
When Whitlam briefly opened the floodgates 1972-1975 the people spoke in a landslide and pulled governments back on track.
However, the shackles came off that thinking completely under Rudd, Swann and Gillard. The Liberals were expected to pull it back on track under Abbott but expectations were not met.
As for Shorten, witness the Labor Conference promises.
The Gunner NT is only a symptom of what has been in the pipeline for most of this millennium so far.

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