All this money spent with so little to show for …

Comment on GST billions yet we’re still the basket case by G Drake.

All this money spent with so little to show for it.

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Enjoying The Centre at a frantic pace
Boundless ridiculous. Another hare brained half thought out, (at best) government waste of money they don’t have. Seriously, what is wrong with these idiots?

Adelaide’s Indigenous gallery out of the starting blocks
SA obviously had a site and are consulting with stake holders.
NT paid an organisation to identify a site, ignored that advice and absolutely refused to consider any other site except the one they wanted until they were handed the letter from the people they sort of forgot to ask in the first place. No wonder they are so far in debt.

Tourist perished: Has Coroner’s recommendation been followed?
I agree with Cara. Ultimately, the woman chose to do this walk without consulting or advising others.

National Indigenous Art Gallery future in doubt: Gunner
Gunner and his mob remind me of a group of school kids who have managed to drift down to the deep end of the pool and can only keep their noses out of the water by standing on tip toes and hoping some-one will throw them a floatie. It would appear the lifesavers are not really interested.

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