Shame the TOs seem to follow the wants of the …

Comment on National Indigenous Art Gallery future in doubt: Gunner by Local1.

Shame the TOs seem to follow the wants of the people more so than the government. I bet Gunner is relieved about this.

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Traditional owners unite to dump Anzac as gallery site
@ Janet: yes, we have heard you over and over again, however this is the issue. In siting the gallery in the Anzac oval “precinct” the Oval will need to be redesigned, and as such we will lose the ability to use it as it has been used for many, many years.
The gallery will not be on the fields as they are now, we get that, but those fields will be respurposed as a green space with trees, making it unsuitable for football, or events such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the biggest sporting event this town has.
So, in answer to your question, the government provided plans, as well as the offer to spend even more money it does not have on new playing fields, is irrefutable evidence the oval will no longer be able to be used as it is currently, and the only reason for that is the proposed gallery.
This is the argument the people are putting forward. You are splitting hairs with semantics.
It is not difficult to understand. It seems that the point is now moot anyway, as the TOs have now refused permission.

GST slice-up rooted in historic wrongs
Great example Evelyne, unfortunatly many people scoff at you when you use an example like this, as those from outside the Territory simply don’t believe it.
A good article by Bob, however his statement in relation to the concept of Terra Nullius intrigues me. Is that what he is referring to as a lie?
The concept goes back to the Roman legal principle of Res Nullius, and the concept can also be attributed to the Papal Decree of the Doctrine of Discovery.
It is also referred to in the Mabo decision so although it may be an uncomfortable doctrine, it certainly can’t be referred to as a lie. Apart from that, a very good read.

Police seek information after attacks on two women
Would be good to know if the second offender was of Aboriginal appearance as well as the first offender. Seems odd they would mention one offenders race and not the other. It is either relevant or not.
[ED – We’re seeking a response from the police.]

The forgotten lesson: Take tough decisions now or borrow against tomorrow into unmanageable debt
I have been here for more that twenty years and always thought I had a decent understanding of NT Politics. This article is so well written I reckon it should be taught in any NT school that does Civics in year 9 or 10. What an in depth review of our Parliment since self government, showing how so many aspects are behind the scenes that we, as normal citizens, could not hope to know. This, combined with the letter to the the editor of today’s NT news by John Elferink, paints a stark picture of the future of the NT.

Thank you Alex for your analysis, how about a book? a Brief History of the NT?

Children in care management system to cost $229m
@Paul Parker. I understand where you are coming from Paul, however to understand where I am coming from, have a chat to any ex-youth workers and ask why they left. When your every action or reasoned reaction is able to be scrutinised by a lawyer it makes it very difficult to do your job. What I was getting at was the free access to lawyers these kids have. They can lie, embellish the truth and put the worker’s actions under scrutiny, even when there is no fault found, the stress and worry that it causes is phenomenal.
Take for example the case where a worker was tried for assault in Supreme Court, found not guilty, then retried on appeal, and found not guilty again, then grilled again at the Royal Commission. The stress of that would have been phenomenal. What financial or personal cost to the kid? Nothing. Then the detailed reporting about the extortion these same lawyers tried on the government? The government rightly refused silly offers, then suddenly the 4 Corners story broke.
This happens all too often, and sometimes it is easier to walk away.

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