The NT Government should shut down direct flights into Ayers …

Comment on Firm ‘no’ from PM, Scullion to bailing out ‘bankrupt’ Territory by Local Thinker.

The NT Government should shut down direct flights into Ayers Rock from interstate and make Alice the transitional tourist route to as it once was, and things would instatntly return back to where they were in the late 80s and 90s.
A laid-back, busy, vibrant, ecconomically viable and safe tourist town.
The local hospitality, accomodation and tour operator / bus bussinesses would once again flourish, and the ecconomic benefits would again trickle down as they once did.
Or alternatively make tourists who fly direct into Ayers Rock from interstate pay a price / tax premium for doing so, with cheaper flights available via Alice.
The blame for the demise of Alice over the last 25 to 30 years should be laid squarely at the feet of those in their ivory towers who conjured up and approved the development of Ayers Rock Airport and direct flights into it from interstate. And on occaisions even international charters.
They should be ashamed of the results of their misconceived endeavours and machinations.
The demise of Alice is similar to the demise of many small towns worldwide which have been made redundant and able to be bypassed by new a highway or ring-road developments which take traffic and the movement of people out of them.
People would still come to the see the magnificenence of Ayers Rock, however it takes to get there.
And Alice would reap the benefits once again.

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Council: fob off, rejection, and secret moves
Alex: The problem is the NT Government don’t own the Melanka Site.
It’s privately owned (by Queensland slot machine interests I believe) and from what I gather is for sale at a very high price tag due to the current incurred and accrued cost over time it now owes its owners.

National Indigenous Art Gallery future in doubt: Gunner
Whats wrong with one of the two, huge, vacant NT Government owned, TC Zoned (Tourist Commercial) blocks of land behind the Casino on Stephens Road?
Great views of the Ranges and Gap, surrounded by tourist and hospitailiy venues, and walking distnace to the CBD?
.And did I mention it is NT Government owned?!

Coles Mural: Government, Heritage Council fall silent
Minister Moss basically hung her hat on the fact only one submission was recieved during the 28 day public exhibition period. That from the building owner who objected to the heritage listing proposal.
On the other hand, her NTG colleague Minister Eva Lawler totally ignored 75 objections against (versus two in support of) the proposed Albrecht Oval lights received during the same 28 day public exhibition period / process.
Go figure?
They do what suits their own agenda.

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
Mike, perhps you should acquaint yourself with the community consulaton process and report carried out for proposed Gardens Oval lights.
This nine week, 50k community consultation process, and 176 page final report relates to proposed floodlighting which will be shorter, dimmer, five times further away from resdinces, and turned off earlier, at 9pm, instead of 10pm, than those proposed for Albrecht.
Surely the residents of Larapinta deserve the same level of consultation, and the proposal the same level of scrutiny, than those in Darwin?
Or is the Berimmah Line still in play?
A positive outcome of this situation, given the current proposed relocation of Rugby from Anzac Hill (whcih I understand Rugby now agress with) via Town Council and NT Government continuing negotiations, could be the provision of an additional first class footy / cricket Oval at the new rugby home, within a new dedicated sports precinct, with lights, but located in a more suitable location where residents will not be detrimentally affected.
This scenario would actually increase the number of ovals available for sports and take the pressure of Traeger and Albrecht, for the benefit of everyone.
It would be a win win situation for all stakeholders over the long term.
There’s also no room for exapnsion at Albrecht Oval. And the land zoning (PS) does not support further developing Albrecht into a smaller version of Traeger (OR).
Ps.: The lighting I noted was Level 1, 750 lux (not 1750 lux).
And what do you mean by my conflict of interest? I’m a Larapinta resident.

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
Not sure where Laurence or James live, but would be surpirised if it was Larapinta, like myself.
So, how brave of them for supporting a proposal which will detrimentally affect others, but perhaps not themselves!
Perhaps some facts about the lights may be approriate / illuminating (excuse the pun):
• The proposed Albrecht lights will be taller, brighter and five times closer to residences than those curently being considered by Darwin City Council (DCC) for Gardens Oval.
The Gardens Oval proposal has been before DCC (the first step in the approval process prior to going to the DCA, where Albrecht is curntly at) since July 2017 and many concerns have been raised which still require addressing.
I’m not sure why Bruce didn’t mention this current Gardens Oval sitaution in his comments above? And I am also surprised that he is “surprised about the recent opposition” given the very recent history of the very similar Gardens Oval proposal, for which The NT Cricket Association is a main proponent, and he is the President of the NTCA?). A decison to delay approval of the Gardens lights was made by DCC this very week.
• The Gardens Oval lights proposal included a nine week, professionally delivered community consulation process via Darwin based consultancy firm True North Startegic Communications.
The residents of Larapinta, or Alice Springs generally for that matter, did not have the courtesy of such a long and thorough consultation process. Local Larapinta residents were letter dropped by ASTC (how many is still disputed) on December 12 informing them of a meeting on December 14! Understandably only two people turned up, given the timeframe provided between the notice and the meeting, and the busy Xmas period.
• A follow up consultation process was apparently carried out by AS Town Council in February, via the provision of a mobile signboard being erected near the new roundabout at the junction of Larapinta and Albrecht drives, for 24 hours, with apparently very little detail.
The sign was on Albrecht Drive pointing west, and, from what I have been told, was practically impossible to read when driving past and also looking right for approaching Larapinta Drive traffic, as one would do. Are we surprised no one attended the second meeting??
• The Albrecht oval lights provide the same Level 1, 750 lux lighting as Traeger Park. More than ANZAC Oval at 500 lux.
• The proposed 34.5m high towers with 10.5m wide x 4.5m high light arrays are so large they will be seen from Anzac Hill!
• The lights are currently stated to be used 365 days a year up till 10pm at night. This will generate incresed use, participants, spectators, noise and public nuisance / loitering at and around Albrecht Oval.
• When the lights go out after an “international competion” event (as stated as being a need for these lights), where do spectators diseperse to if they have no transport? Into the surrounding residential area!
• Yes, the lights will serously affect our views … otherwise known as “amenity”. The PS (Public Open Space) zone in which Albrecht Oval is located limits development to that, quote “which has minimal adverse impact (if any) on adjoining or nearby property”.
Any fair minded person would be hard pressed not to accept that the 4 x 34.5m high towers + 10.5m x 4.5m light arrays atop, and the associated light spill / additional noise / loitering etc issues wich the lights will bring, WILL NOT have a serious impact on residentail amenity.
Happy to have them put in an Oval near you Guys if you would prefer?
Or Ross Park, where they were originally intended … but for the Eastside Residents Association that got them knocked back some years ago now.
You wouldn’t live in Eastside would you?

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