It’s not happening, no one has any money. Move on …

Comment on Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery by James T Smerk.

It’s not happening, no one has any money. Move on please.

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Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
Peter: The so called “racist” mob are trying to build an National Aboriginal Art Gallery to celebrate our awesome Indigenous cultures. Doesn’t sound like something racist people would do, just because they have made some questionable and silly mistakes in the initial process hardly makes them all “racist”.
People need to stop using the word racist just because they can’t think of anything else or when they are losing an argument.
Anyway, the NT Government has no money and the Alice Springs Council can’t do it alone so, moving on.

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What nice behaviour, this town/territory is doomed.

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What a surprise, dodge the answers. Seems to be a way of life for these mob.

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You tell them, Ming.

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This is a terrible situation. And not a vegan in sight.

Art gallery, culture centre location a no brainer: What’s the holdup?
I think the government it more focused on the benefits of having [the gallery] within the CBD for the potential benefits of walking traffic and ease of tourist to walk to it.
So this walk of the other side of The Gap is irrelevant (apparently).
The idea of visitors having to ask for permission for entry would only affect the people coming from down south, not the other three directions, wouldn’t it?

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