@ Janet Brown. I’m sorry, but I’m finding it …

Comment on Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery by Domenico Pecorari.

@ Janet Brown. I’m sorry, but I’m finding it difficult to follow the logic of your argument. You begin by dismissing the culturally-based objections of traditional owners as a “whim”, but then go on to say that the “future of our town should be decided by all residents”.
Need you be reminded that Aboriginals are “residents” of this town too, and that we are talking about an Indigenous art centre? Our town will never see the growth and prosperity that you say you want for it, without us first showing respect to the wishes of the traditional owners of this land.
You may need to look up the results of the Town Council’s own survey on the preferred location, in which the NT Government’s nominated site at the base of Anzac Oval did not have majority support.

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Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
Our Mayor and the Town Council stand at a crossroad.
Will it adhere to its stated aim of “Working For The Community”, which I assume means the whole of the community, or will it continue placing our town’s business interests above all else?

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Budget repairs: Charging for parks, paying less to homeless
Could Opposition Leader Gary Higgins please explain just how the NT Government “increased the cost of beer, after saying they wouldn’t”?
If what he meant to say was that the floor price on alcohol has led to an increase in beer prices, could he please provide the proof, as I cannot find any?
By my own research and calculations, the NT legislated “floor price of $1.30 per standard drink” means that a 24-bottle carton of Crown Lager (4.9% alcohol / 1.4 drinks per bottle) cannot be sold for less than $43.68. It actually sells in Alice for between $56 and $58.
Similarly, a 24-bottle carton of Hahn SuperDry mid-strength (3.5% alcohol / 0.9 drinks per bottle) cannot be sold for less than $28.08.
It actually sells in Alice for around $43 a carton.
As the ABC report of the August 22, 2018, says: “The law will impact the price of cheap wine most significantly, while spirits and beer will mostly be unaffected as they are already more expensive.”
The ABC report went on to say: “The revenue generated from the introduction of the floor price will go to retailers, because the policy is not a tax, which could only be introduced by the Federal Government.”
I am left wondering if Mr Higgins’ claim was made with the aim of misleading the voters or whether he truly does not understand how the floor price legislation works.
Either way, it does not give me confidence that he will be able to fix the NT Budget.

Move School of the Air to Anzac High building
What a wonderful, well-thought out and practical idea for re-purposing the old school, Ms Nelson. Which is why I think, sadly, it will never be accepted by our political decision-makers.

Gallery fiasco: school heritage process ‘massively flawed’
Thank you, Peter Bassett, for calling out Steve Brown’s ill-informed rant.
Since first coming to live in Alice Springs in 1984 I’ve witnessed our town’s once vibrant outback character being slowly whittled down by the sort of re-development supported by Mr Brown and others like him.
The loss of our heritage places, together with the social problems of crime and racism, has certainly contributed to The Alice’s poor image as a tourism destination.
If we have learnt anything from our recent past, it is that more-of-the-same is not part of the solution.

All views about gallery location will be considered: Lauren Moss
If the proposed Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs is to have any credibility with the interstate and international visitor, it must respect and be in accordance with the wishes of the cultural group it seeks to showcase.
Riding shotgun over their concerns about something as fundamental as location is, to say the least, not a good look.

News cycle: It’s all over in a day
@ Evelyne Roullet: I totally agree that we need to define our community’s shared values, but cannot agree that this is made any more difficult in a multicultural community.
To use an extreme example, I doubt anybody would think that it is acceptable for anyone to walk up to another and punch them in the face.
Similarly, I believe notions such as fairness, equity, mutual respect, caring for country and each other form the basis of all cultures.
Of course, there will always be individuals who may have ideas contrary to those of the majority, but this should not deter us from establishing “the ideas that unite us” as something essential in the recreation of our town image.

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