@ Janet Brown. I’m sorry, but I’m finding it …

Comment on Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery by Domenico Pecorari.

@ Janet Brown. I’m sorry, but I’m finding it difficult to follow the logic of your argument. You begin by dismissing the culturally-based objections of traditional owners as a “whim”, but then go on to say that the “future of our town should be decided by all residents”.
Need you be reminded that Aboriginals are “residents” of this town too, and that we are talking about an Indigenous art centre? Our town will never see the growth and prosperity that you say you want for it, without us first showing respect to the wishes of the traditional owners of this land.
You may need to look up the results of the Town Council’s own survey on the preferred location, in which the NT Government’s nominated site at the base of Anzac Oval did not have majority support.

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Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
Our Mayor and the Town Council stand at a crossroad.
Will it adhere to its stated aim of “Working For The Community”, which I assume means the whole of the community, or will it continue placing our town’s business interests above all else?

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Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking
@ Dave. I apply the precautionary principle in regard to both heatwaves and carbon emissions.
After many years of reading on the subject, I also have no more time to waste upon endless “discussions” and climate change deniers.
We need action and we need it now. I stand by my previous post.

Scott McConnell now to vote as an Independent
I can only agree with Scott McConnell’s hope for an “economically equitable, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive Territory,” to which I would humbly add “culturally vibrant”.
The Alice Springs Town Council is proceeding with the development of an Alice Springs Master Plan, a vision for the town and the Central Australian region.
We need more people like you, Scott, who can look beyond what’s in it for themselves and focus on what is beneficial to the whole community.
I for one would like to wish you good luck in your new role and look forward to your contributions in developing a better future for all Territorians.

Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking
I am amazed at how quickly the Alice Springs commentariat moved the discussion from council’s unanimous decision “That LGANT call on the Northern Territory Government to support the development of Emergency Management Plans for heatwaves to reduce the risk to life and livelihoods in both regional and urban areas.”, to a round circle debate about the validity of climate change. One fact that cannot denied is the growing concern that Australian voters have with politicians that still question the science and are happy to gamble with the futures of our children’s and grand-children. Whatever happened to the precautionary principle?

Make Oz Day a celebration of the future, not the past
@ Ted. Good point, I grant you that. If the 1st January is not suitable, then which date would you suggest?
@ Hal. Yes, I had understood your line on Anzac Day as a suggested date, but not out of malice.
I return to my basic argument, as previously stated: That an appropriate date for Australia Day needs to have historical relevance to an event of national importance, a significant event that symbolises unity and that is acceptable to the majority, including our First Australians.

Planning another plan
Before rushing in with unhelpful and uninformed comments, I urge readers to actually read the Masterplan Briefing Document prepared by Town Council, which is accessible via its website.
You may be impressed.
It is not a plan in itself, but a call for a plan, to be funded by Federal and/or the Territory governments.
The Masterplan will identify actions and projects that will improve life in our town for everyone. Pseudo Guru is on the right track, with some suggestions that, after evaluation, may be found to fit into the overall Masterplan.
We have a choice here, to either get seriously involved in the hard task ahead or stick to thinking up flippant, smart-arsed comments to post. Be useful and make a contribution instead.

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