A national day is a designated date on which celebrations …

Comment on Australia Day: Alice’s role in it by Evelyne Roullet.

A national day is a designated date on which celebrations mark the nationhood of a nation or non-sovereign country. Our nation was legally born on 9 July 1900 when Queen Victoria signed the Australian Constitution Act.

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Australia Day: Alice’s role in it
@ Alex: I think that unless we sit with all our different sources, we will never agree on this point, as even our government states that Cook claimed Australia.

Australia Day: Alice’s role in it
@ Local 1: you wrote :”Australia’s history really began when first claimed by Philip on the shores of Port Jackson, on January 26, 1788″.
I am a bit confused as I always believe, that is perhaps because of my French history, that Britain Lieutenant James Cook, captain of HMB Endeavour, claimed the eastern portion of the Australian continent for the British Crown in 1770, naming it New South Wales seeking to pre-empt the French colonial empire from expanding into the region.
Louis Antoine de Bougainville 1768 approached the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of North Queensland but was turned away by the surf.
You have to be thankful to the surf because without it you will be French and the 14th of July not the 9th would be our national day.
Britain chose Australia as the site of a penal colony.
But until Queen Victoria gave us our freedom, we were not a nation but a colony.
In my opinion, it is very strange and sad that we celebrate the landing of criminals and prostitutes as our beginning.
Many convicts were left struggling with unemployment, personal relationships, and alcoholism, and drifted through both life and the colony.
Many re-offended for decades after they were freed in Australia, but only committed low-level nuisance and public order offenses – mainly drunkenness and vagrancy – rather than the more serious crimes for which they were initially transported.

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Make September 8 Australia Day, anthem in Pitjantjatjara
Great ideas, Ted.

Planning another plan
I am in total agreement with Puesdo Guru.

Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
@ NW: I do not want a National Indigenous Art Gallery, but a national Aboriginal cultural centre.
Culture includes art but art does not include culture.

Fake news, nukes & climate change: two minutes to midnight
Hal: Let’s talk about “damage done by anthropogenic humans and the damage done by solar and nature forces beyond our control”.
We in Alice, like anywhere in the world, have no control over the forces of nature. But if we look at Alice Springs 50 or 60 years ago, we will feel and realise that our metal fences, our brick buildings, our bitumen roads have increased the environmental temperature.
As I am writing, I have a split system cooling down my room, but in doing so it transforms the verandah where it is installed into a sauna: 20C inside but 52C outside.
This temperature kills my pot plants which need more water (I had to move them).
You still think that we are not a bit responsible in the acceleration of the climate change?

Billen’s family: Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory
Bev, please go on the net and you will see than in any country the advices given for traveling in the Outback of Australia are the same: weather, dangers etc …
You said: “People advertising Alice Springs on Internet sites should be made to put a piece on safety in the outback as an introduction to their sites so people booking on line get this information before they book.” Well, they do! Not because they have be told, but because they are responsible people.
Do you mind to tell us a bit about your experiences as a hiker and trekker?
Which foreign countries have you visited?
How may deserts have you visited? How many mountains have you climbed and tell us how many warning signs and leaflets you have seen?
I am a well traveled stupid old woman, who still knows how and where to seek the pro and the con for a trip
You said: “Funny but what is coming out in these posts is the lack of responsibility of tourists and locals as well.”
Have you been with tourists who refuse to drink water? To wear a hat? To go out of a track when you are not looking? Have you argued with a woman who insisted in climbing Kings Canyon in high heels shoes?
You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

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