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@ Evelyn. The Australia Day celebrations that we celebrate today first began in 1818, when it was called Fist Landing Day, or Foundation day. The recommendation from Matthew Flinders that the country be called Australia was only accepted a year before that.
During the Centenary in 1888, leaders from around Australia and new Zeland gathered in Sydney to celebrate what was then changed to Anniversary Day. The Federal Australia Day Council began in 1946 until replaced by the National Australia Day Council in 1984.
So while July 9, 1900 is an important milestone in our history, it does not reflect the day of our beginnings, or in effect our birthday. Whilst Aboriginal history goes back thousands of years before European settlement, Australia’s history really began when first claimed by Philip on the shores of Port Jackson, on January 26, 1788.
The many events that occurred subsequently, whilst important, do not tell the story from the beginning.

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Australia Day: Alice’s role in it
Alex, thank you for the complete history of the beginnings of the celebration we now call Australia Day.
As previous chairman of both the APEX Club of Central Australia and the Alice Springs Australia Day Council, it is wonderful that you have given people a well researched understand the significant role our town and some of its citizens played in developing our National day.
Something factual as opposed to some of the misinformation you see on face book and other social media. During the time of my involvement (1998-2000) the theme was “Celebrate What’s Great!”
The Day was marked with the Australia Day Ball, a formal event that was always fully booked, with the highlight being the awarding of the Central Australian and Young Central Australian of the Year.
The APEX Club of Central Australia is still a very active club, and for anybody new to town looking to meet people and get involved in helping the community, joining APEX is a terrific way to do it.

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Agreed Evelyn, but some of these are. WHS laws have failed this person.
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Wow, so many nasty and uninformed comments here. Even Joel Flemming, one of the most knowledgable people we have has said that Remote 4WD training should be a part of any worker’s training before they go remote.
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Unfortunately it does not always happen in the real world especially the NT, and workers are often victimised when exercising their rights, especially as there has been a substantial review into OHS in the Territory recently.

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She’s not the only one Erwin, you would be amazed at some organisations that do exactly the same thing, except they do have a satellite phone.

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Karen: It is simply using a noun verses an adjective, either is accpeptable, neither is disrespectful. Are there not more important things to worry about?

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Evelyne, you have absolutely nailed it. Sadly the pandering virtue signallers that Matthew refers to will protect them from that and guarantee their spiral into a life of incarceration.

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