I think it is a great piece of sarcasm. I …

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I think it is a great piece of sarcasm. I enjoyed the read and the laugh, Ted.

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Make September 8 Australia Day, anthem in Pitjantjatjara
Back in the conversation … tee hee!
Before I start though I think you should know I am a daughter of one of those bureaucrats in Canberra in Department of Territories / Interior. My father was in Housing.
While I was a child my father would fly off to the Northern Territory and return with fresh Barramundy brought home for us in the aeroplane fridge.
He would cook it, and it was delicious, a wonderful feast!
He told us of the huge respect he had for the young Patrol Officer, Ted Egan, who knew how to talk to Aboriginal people and was a very fair man.
How can you provide housing to meet the needs of people you aren’t able to converse with?
I think there were some bureaucrats in Canberra back then, certainly my father, recognised he didn’t know how to.
Not all were ill-intentioned, hey!
Now back to Mathew Flinders. It is very exciting his grave was found in the London underground recently.
I agree by all means to bring his remains back to Australia and celebrate the foundation of Australia with an existing diversity of peoples, languages and cultures on the September 9.
Sadly, his companion Bungaree disappeared into unanimity.
However, I think a fair Australia should recognise the huge diversity of Indigenous languages and cultures pre-colonization
2019 is the year of Indigenous languages and there are seminar sessions going on in The National Library of Australia today … they are on to session 3.
Session 4 starts at 3.30pm. It is very interesting. The sessions are available on National Library of Australia Facebook page.
What is wrong with having a single national anthem sung in the language/culture you identify yourself in? An anthem that celebrates the diversity of Australians without degrading any of them.

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Make Oz Day a celebration of the future, not the past
I think guys you are all missing my point.
Federation even nationhood are all foreign European constructs and none of them recognised that the First Australians were already here with a highly complex culture spanning 66+ thousand years.
Songlines criss-crossed this country more complex than present day road maps.
It is Europeans who persist in imposing their values on them without recognising the enormity of what they have got.
Theirs is the secret of longevity, of living as one, part of the land, while so called civilisations have crumbed and died.
Australia Day will never be a true Australia Day until what the First Australians have got to offer is appreciated and recognised … sigh!
That is why I think Australia needs a new Australia Day that is inclusive of them and the beautiful country we call home … sigh!

Make Oz Day a celebration of the future, not the past
I agree with you Hal and I agree with Bob Taylor too.
The idea of Wattle Day, September 1, the first day of spring, as a suitable alternative Australia Day has been around a while.
It could be made the first Monday in September and it would occur in the school term.
Something schools and students could really get into. A harmonious day celebrating our national colours of green and gold.
The spring blossoming of hope for the future, new life, love, belonging and responsibility to this beautiful country we call home.
There could still be Australia Day honours recognising the contributions of people to our country and citizenship ceremonies welcoming new Australians into the fold … and while we are at it, I would change our national anthem to The Seekers’ song celebrating the diversity of stories of where we have come from: “I am, you are, we are Australian”.
It would still celebrate the past the present and the future, just without all the negative flag waving First Fleet enactment bullshit.
I think its time to drop it. I don’t think what happened as a result of colonisation to the Indigenous peoples of Australia or to the natural environment are things we as Australians should be proud of. My tuppence worth, hey 🙂

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