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Comment on Adelaide’s Indigenous gallery out of the starting blocks by Liberal.

Thanks Mr Ryan 🙁

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Robbed man gets empty wallet back
And these crazy part Aboriginal people want to protest Australia day when their own kind don’t give a damn about who they are!

10 kids loose in a car: Big fine
They are Aboriginal people alright, Ash. 99.9% confident.

10 kids loose in a car: Big fine
@ ash: 99.9% of Aboriginal people are alright. Behaviour is consistent with culture.

10 kids loose in a car: Big fine
Aboriginal people do not follow the rules of Alice. They aren’t able to manage or better still understand responsibility in the boundaries of the municipal area of Alice.
The justice system is full up and so much unnecessary dollars are being poured into this area of Aboriginal affairs because of the Aboriginal people’s unwillingness to understand and abide by rules!

Police seek information after attacks on two women
The Alice Mayor, the chairman of Lhere Artepe, the CEO of Tangentyere Council – where are you three and why won’t you the three of you talk?

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