Would high temperatures in Alice and other places have anything …

Comment on Fire management inadequate to non-existent: ALEC by John Bell.

Would high temperatures in Alice and other places have anything to do with the fact that this year the earth’s path around the sun is at its closest in the solar cycle?

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Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking
@ Ali Corcoran: “The power of arguing from an evidence baseā€“for which anthropogenic causation is overwhelming. Having an ‘entitled’ belief does not make that belief correct in the real, non-flat-earth, world.”
To put King or Queen Canute into perspective.
Four centuries ago, the overwhelming consensus was that earth was, indeed, flat. The “real world” of the day. Then along came Galileo.
In the same vein when overwhelming argument was that the sun revolved around the earth, along came Copernicus.
In essence, the Canute story is an analogy for mankind’s assumed superior knowledge over nature.
To say that man’s ever-refutable consensus evidence proves man’s superior influence over nature is open to challenge.
That is not only Jacinta’s right. The history of eminent precedent tends to make her position highly credible.

Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking
Chiara: Climate change deniers have equal rights with climate change alarmists to place their arguments in the public arena.
In the olden days King Canute believed as sovereign ruler that he could control the forces of nature.
He found out to his great disappointment that he could not do so. And got very wet feet in the bargain when he tried to command the tides.
Alarmists believe that humans can alter and change the climate, just as King Canute believed. Deniers say they can’t. Both sides are entitled to their beliefs.
Whether it is alarmists blaming people’s suffering in the Alice heat on anthropogenic causes or deniers saying it is the natural cycle is a difference of opinionated debate that will be with us until hell freezes over (so to speak).
As the meerkat says in the tellie ad: “Simples!”

The stolen child who went to university
I understand that the term Stolen Generation was first penned by Sur Ronald Wilson, president of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission in his HREOC report. In 1996.
All discussion should begin with that report and Sir Ronald’s use of the expression.
I do not know if it was Sir Ronald’s inspiration or whether someone else coined it and he simply appropriated it.
Whatever the origin, it is now a fundamental part of the children-at-risk community dialogue.

Don’t mess with our treasures, says Alice
@ Gavin Carpenter: Following on from Alex’s comments, Gavin, you will get good value from Wayne should you make an inquiry. Krafty is a good man. Knowledgeable, passionate and thorough.

Don’t mess with our treasures, says Alice
@ Chippy Miller. You are spot on mate. How can anyone describe the sheer magic of the starry beautiful night we watched the first showing of Man Walking on The Moon at the Pioneer.
The place was packed. Old men and women sitting up front, in the aisles, in the old canvas chairs. When the first steps were taken, you could hear a pin drop.
Looked around the darkened theatre. Everyone was looking up at the brilliant night sky. In silence. All thinking the same thing. An Alice Moment for the Ages.

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