It’s made to be accepted that your house is broken …

Comment on Emergency Dept presentations back up assault stats by Jack.

It’s made to be accepted that your house is broken into, if the police can’t find fingerprints it game over.
Larapinta is a hotspot, nobody is interested in solving the problems.
All of this is to create jobs and live of misfortune of others.

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Charles Perkins: Australia’s Nelson Mandela
Excellent article. Proud family.

Crime statistics horrendous, says Lambley
Cut out the rotten stench of this unacceptable behaviour.

The evasive closing gap: Focus must be on kids, says Morrison
Doesn’t Indigenous mean they come from another country. Or are you discussing Aboriginal people. Correct terminology helps.


ED: I hope this helps …

The stolen child who went to university
Two amazing men that were successful in their lives. Positivity at it’s best. Their families have also become successful in their own right. Congrats to the families.

Senator Scullion will not contest Federal election
Thank goodness he is going. His next job should be looking after the renal housing, he signed off that was introduced in Alice Springs and the behavioural issues that came with it. Time to clean up his mess.

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