It’s made to be accepted that your house is broken …

Comment on Emergency Dept presentations back up assault stats by Jack.

It’s made to be accepted that your house is broken into, if the police can’t find fingerprints it game over.
Larapinta is a hotspot, nobody is interested in solving the problems.
All of this is to create jobs and live of misfortune of others.

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Whenever you need a cop … there are three
What a crock of S%@t. Larapinta needs the Swat Team to sort out the issues in that suburb.
Start with the renal houses and who is paying for the bins at their house, tax payers and the hangers ons who don’t abide with how to live in the peaceful suburbs.
The police response is amazing but the amount of complaints to Trans Affordable housing, Town Council, and other people who are complacent and not making decisions to resolve the issues.
Wake up people, you need this crap to create jobs etc and never resolve the issues.
I for one would like to see these people to be moved next to all of the above. Time for talking is over.

Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour 
Absolutely shame job. Is the council goes to refund my rates for this unprofessional behaviour?

A change in Lingiari? History holds some clues.
My question is what has he done for the average person?

Charles Perkins: Australia’s Nelson Mandela
Excellent article. Proud family.

Crime statistics horrendous, says Lambley
Cut out the rotten stench of this unacceptable behaviour.

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