He was not lost. Sounds like he just went on …

Comment on ‘Lost’ man survived on bushfood banquet by Ret.

He was not lost. Sounds like he just went on a walkabout.

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Anti-fracking Greens: Are jobs for the dole schemes legal?
Greens are just a bunch of crazy Commies; however, fracking is not the way to go.
Fracking is poisonous to Mother Earth – do you know there are more than 800 different artificial chemicals that go into the ground and thus eventually into our water system in this practice of fracking?
Find something else to earn your living that won’t hurt our planet and eventually our very own lives.
And by the way, all those third-world invaders will never assimilate or integrate so letting them in is a big big mistake.
All they will want to do is destroy the traditional Western way and quality of life of Australia and steal our freedom, culture, language, and eventually, land.
Do you really want to be replaced like that? Not me.
I’m proud of my heritage too much to let something like that ever happen.

That’s why we all live here
So nice to read a news article about a sunset.
Nice to know that Australia still gives such magic in the mind of people – a rarity nowadays elsewhere in the world.
I hope something good like that will not be lost.

Shoe on the other foot: caught in a foreign justice system
But yes, I do agree, the story is very much interesting and educational.
But that holiday episode is not at all far from reality so be always wary with people who don’t share your cultural thinking.

Shoe on the other foot: caught in a foreign justice system
Who holidays in a commie third-world country?
A normal person would never want to.
Lucky she is still alive.
Usually they just shoot you dead.
Pussia, China, North Korea … never on my holiday list!

Shorten’s NT fracking boost ‘disastrous’
CO2 emission is not the problem. Plants need CO2 to produce oxygen.
It’s the multitude of artificial lab-made chemicals used in fracking that are polluting and poisoning the country.
Fracking needs to be banned, period.
Also stop digging the ground for anything anymore already.
We need to work only with surface resources now and learn to reuse and recycle in a natural way, until Mother Earth can catch up and heal Herself.

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