The south of The Gap location is not only due …

Comment on Gallery swap: Aborigines second in pecking order by Local 123.

The south of The Gap location is not only due to cultural reasons, but more so that it would be built on Aboriginal land.
Thus the gallery would have to pay rent to the Aboriginal families ongoing.
It’s a commercial decision!
A CBD location is required to bring tourists and increase foot traffic around the CBD.

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Jacinta Price spits dummy
Like most bullies, the reality is they are not all that bright and not nearly as clever as they think they are!
Abolutly useless in council, would be far far worse in the ACT.

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What happened in the year 2013 to 2014 to make the jump in Alice Springs tourist sepnding?
It would make sense to look at what instigated the huge spike and learn from it.

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