Just another example of the Territory Government not looking past …

Comment on See the Red Centre without setting foot in Alice Springs by James T Smerk.

Just another example of the Territory Government not looking past Darwin and its interest. Sounds good for Darwin but at the detriment of Alice.
I’m sure if the Government cared they could have done something about this and tried to incorporate Alice more in any deals.
At the end of the day who can blame them, instead of dealing with the social problems of Alice which is affecting the Territory’s tourist numbers they have decided to just turn the lights off in Alice and pretend like it’s not there anymore. Now they can promote a “safe” experience for tourist.
Might be wise to purchase property in Uluru as it seems like the next boom town of the NT.

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Ironic that her very comments are themselves defamatory.

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Unfortunately Hal if we got rid of half of them you could just imagine how hard it would be to get anything done by the government.
I would be willing to bet the majority of government workers in this town are employed in part to manage Indigenous matters which are basically why this town exist anyway.
The only way to fix it is to raise it with higher management I would think, so they get a kick up the back side.

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What nice behaviour, this town/territory is doomed.

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What a surprise, dodge the answers. Seems to be a way of life for these mob.

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You tell them, Ming.

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