It takes no more than two minutes reviewing road toll …

Comment on Road toll drops by half by InterestedDarwinObserver.

It takes no more than two minutes reviewing road toll data on to identify that the numbers in the NT are hugely sporadic. This is cherry picking of data in the extreme.

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Two injured in rock throwing
Shay, not even a slap on the wrist!
A warning basically means the individual now has immunity for the crimes committed, even if fully confessed to. As such it is a gift, enshrined in law that protects the youth from both criminal AND civil proceedings! The victims in this instance now have NO legal recourse against the perpetrators.
• If a youth is diverted in relation to an offence and the diversion is completed to the satisfaction of a police officer, no criminal investigation or criminal legal proceedings can be commenced or continued against the youth in respect of the offence.
• Any admission made or information given by a youth during the course of diversion in relation to an offence is not admissible in any subsequent criminal or civil proceedings in relation to the offence.
Further more, there are no reviews, appeals or consequences for a youth who did not satisfactorily “complete a diversion”.
(1) A decision:
(a) to divert or not to divert a youth; or
(b) that a youth did or did not complete a diversion satisfactorily,
cannot be reviewed or appealed against in any court or tribunal.
Evidently, throwing rocks, potentially risking the death of motorist and in this instance causing injury to a person is not a “serious offense”.

Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action
I wonder how much smaller the attendance would have been if this was held on the weekend?

Council ‘in the way’ of Alice development: Chief Minister
Gavin: Of course there is no business acumen.
Majority of the party have ZERO business experience.
They are a bunch of amateurs pulled from unions, ex staffers and a few identity politicians.
Beyond lacking businesses experience, many of them seem to be lacking life experience too! (This one is for Moss, Manison and MIA Paech.)

Santa Teresa wins housing class action against NT Government
For the sake of fairness, the 3x new builds was a project initiated and put out to tender by the CLP Giles Government.
Also, half of the refurbishments were also initiated and put out to tender by the CLP Giles Government.
The second half of refurbishments, awarded in September 2017 by the Gunner government was in all likelihood a carry over from the CLP Giles infrastructure / budget plan.
So whilst most of the above works were undertaken on the Gunner watch, they were for the most part initiated by the CLP Giles Government.
Any upcoming Room to Breath projects is certainly Labor initiated.
The slow flow of projects through the infrastructure and budget process understandably results in a great portion of works being initiated by one Government yet claimed by their successors.

December quarter 2018 unit prices 40% higher than 2017
Somewhat safe to say that the December 2017 quarter is anomalous and likely due to the type of properties sold that reduced the median unit price, rather than a swift decline and equally swift recovery in the market.
The true story is that the median unit price has barely budged in a decade and assuming that the above data is not corrected for inflation, the prices have likely decreased by 20% in real terms.

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