For global tourists Uluru climb must continue? …

Comment on Tour operator new land council chairman by Psuedo Guru.

For global tourists Uluru climb must continue?

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Jacinta Price spits dummy
Jacinta’s job: Fix Alice Springs Indigenous law and order problems.

Rock, Alice: Widening the gap
Alice Springs Tourism is reducing due to Indigenous law and order problems, expensive airfares and NO cultural centre.

Move School of the Air to Anzac High building
Classrooms for Qantas No 2 Pilot Training Academy? NT Government must sort law and order problems first.

All views about gallery location will be considered: Lauren Moss
The Melanka site is best for tourism. Council to staff premises? Close to police for law and order control? Entry fee required to pay insurance?

See the Red Centre without setting foot in Alice Springs
Tourism Central Australia watches Alice Springs businesses close.

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