I have a nickname for Dale. It’s Daily Evadeissues which …

Comment on Trouble kids, their parents and the law by Garth Drake.

I have a nickname for Dale. It’s Daily Evadeissues which has to be her strong point.

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The tree or the bench?
Bob Taylor: I agree. Not too hard to stand up and move left or right a couple of metres to view the sunset where-as the shade is very nice to sit in.
Best of both worlds right there without being too lazy to move a little to get THAT photo.

Museums: First Nations demand to speak for themselves
John Trousdell: Well said.

‘Great Air Race’ crashes after government blows $413,000
They probably could run a chook raffle. But the chook would turn out to be a turkey which would run away after the government had bought it and after the had paid some mob to print the tickets.

See the Red Centre without setting foot in Alice Springs
And if you are flying the Berrimah line doesn’t count. Just how will this increase tourism to Alice? Another great idea from this guvamunt muppets.

Enjoying The Centre at a frantic pace
Boundless ridiculous. Another hare brained half thought out, (at best) government waste of money they don’t have. Seriously, what is wrong with these idiots?

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