I love it how I never see anything in the …

Comment on A change in Lingiari? History holds some clues. by James T Smerk.

I love it how I never see anything in the paper or on the news from Warren until it’s election time.

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Museums: First Nations demand to speak for themselves
There is an old saying “History is written by the victors”. Is true and will always be true in my opinion.

I believe there are always 3 sides to a story, one from the victors, one from the other party and the truth. The truth is rarely known as both sides tend to embellish their stories in some way.

I think it would be novel to have two wings of a museum – one telling the white man’s story and the other telling the indigenous Australians’ story.

On a side note I don’t know why Great Britain has never been held to account for their actions in the landing on this country.

New drive to make Pitchi Richi a public treasure
Well put, Trevor.

Society stops crime, not the police
Good parent role models stop crime too.

Looks like Wazza’s back
I think you mean Jacinta. And I didn’t say I preferred her either.

Looks like Wazza’s back
More Wazza, less for the people of Alice.

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