It’s a no brainer. In extreme heat like we have …

Comment on Tree death and the challenge of heatwaves by Karen.

It’s a no brainer. In extreme heat like we have just experienced all trees should be watered more regularly.
I live rural and have lost five trees but realised that maybe these trees were not suited to extreme long heat and we have not had a decent rain (where I live) since November last year.
So I find I’m watering more trees – future planting I will do better research. It’s sad to lose trees.

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Tree death and the challenge of heatwaves
Watch’n: I totally agree. Council needs to also take a serious look at how contractors are trimming trees below power lines. They are ugly and some large branches hang over roads. Would hate to see these come down on traffic

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Massive horse deaths now a risk to humans
This is appalling. In a situation like this CLC has to take charge. This crap about getting traditional owners’ permission to cull starving horses etc is not on. Anywhere else on the planet authorities take charge where animals are neglected.
Remember, some of these starving horses may be in foal. Its DISGUSTING to think this cruelty is allowed.

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This shows government departments are a joke.

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I thoroughly agree, leave birth certificates alone but if a person wants some things changed they apply for another certificate. It makes sense.

Preaching ‘treading carefully’ then sending in the bulldozers
I live rural and walk mornings. Perhaps on one of these windy mornings Ms Lawler would come with me and see the difference between no vegetation and vegetation.
I would gladly take a photo of her hidden in a wall of dust blowing through.
Feel sorry for Kilgariff residents.

$300m NT airports expansions
It will be interesting to see if all works are from 100% NT businesses and not out of NT businesses that just get an office and say they are local. We know Alice Springs News Online will keep an eye on this.

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