Kieran Finnane

Sustainable Couture turns 10 and celebrates

p2538 Sustainable Chifley Girls SM
A decade on Sustainable Couture – a creative event that’s about changing mindsets – is celebrating  its own longevity. To mark the anniversary there’s an extended (free) public program, including a story-telling session in the style of the Antiques Roadshow (1 July)  an arts trail (8 July). FULL STORY »

Time to sleep, little ones – Arrernte way

p2537 Bedtime MK SM
It seems likely that all peoples have in common the need to help young children go to sleep at night and it is charming to experience this by the fireside with Arrernte story-tellers  in ICTV’S series, Our Bedtime Stories, launched locally last night, writes KIERAN FINNANE. FULL STORY »

Confusion over gallery leadership: government’s fault

p2459 Lauren Moss (2411 ) presser CU SM
Tourism and Culture Minister Lauren Moss is still in charge of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery project for Alice Springs. Who would have known? ask ERWIN CHLANDA and KIERAN FINNANE. FULL STORY »

Turn rock-throwing into backflips: how community can help

p2535 Backflips SM
Rather than go into competition with what is already operating – such as a brand new youth drop-in centre at Brown Street – the 24/7 THIS WAY  youth centre initiative should work out where the gaps are and how best it can contribute to bridging them, argues youth worker RAINER CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

No sign of council playing ball on Anzac Oval

2549 rugby Aug 2003 # 2 SM



As the government continues to push the Anzac Hill precinct as the site for its proposed National Aboriginal Art Gallery, the Town Council has invited the Chief Minister to meet with them in person to discuss the project. There’s no sign that their views have changed, however. KIERAN FINNANE reports. Photo: Anzac Oval rugby in August 2003. FULL STORY »

24/7 youth centre: bridge between us and them?

p2549 24:7 centre McCormack, Wakefield SM
The first meeting brought together a lot of the right adults if not the kids themselves and too few of their families. There were as many ideas as people and occasionally tempers frayed. How many stay on board for the long haul will be crucial. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Martin Luther King III ‘disheartened’ by what he saw in Alice

p2529 Reconciliation MLK flowers SM


“You being here … honours our struggle, it bears witness to our truth, it gives rise to our voice.” At today’s moving Reconciliation Week gathering William Tilmouth thanked Martin Luther King III for his visit to Alice Springs, before both men, like the women before them, spoke of the challenging situation in The Centre. KIERAN FINNANE reports. Mr King is pictured receiving flowers of welcome. FULL STORY »

Cemeteries could be turned into parks

p2528 Stuart Town Cemetery SM


New legislation will allow for modern methods for the disposal of human remains and applications to use closed cemeteries as parkland. KIERAN FINNANE reports from the Town Council meeting. FULL STORY »

Dance, lost and found

p2528 Lost Dance carpark Sm


“I couldn’t imagine that they would dance in this pot-holed, dusty carpark, but I knew to expect the unexpected. This was a production by Madeleine Krenek and Frankie Snowdon, who, with their collaborators, are carving out a space for a more challenging experience of contemporary dance in The Centre.” KIERAN FINNANE reviews The Lost Dance Project. FULL STORY »

To save a dying language

p2527 Christobel SwanSM


There are less than 20 fluent speakers left of Southern Arrernte, or Pertame, the language that belongs to the country south of Alice Springs, around the Finke and Hugh Rivers. That puts it into the category of “severely endangered”. But its speakers are taking action. FULL STORY »