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This page contains links to books and arts news and reviews published since 8 September 2016, starting with the most recent.


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The art of collecting



‘Maverick artist and change-agent’ wins major fellowship



Custodian honoured for contribution to the arts



Position Doubtful: revealing excavation of our place & times



Into Blue – from the front line of climate change



Fashion designs may create local industry



Judges and people on song for Wearable Art’s top prize



Traynor’s Alice Springs: more than tale of heroic white men






Everyday realities dosed with humour and hope: TV series




Namatjira project: a film and a legacy



Before and after that famous handful of sand



Aboriginal sites authority gave no cultural advice



White guilt flopped but Okine’s braggadocio worked



Festival in Light ignores local advice, talent


Alanya making ‘dreams come true and bigger’



Benefactor was there at the start of huge art movement



Groundwork laid for NT film industry future



Pine Gap: wake-up call for Alice Springs




For richness and breadth there is nothing like Desert Mob



Stop the light show, says petition to Gunner



‘First authentic Indigenous light festival of its kind in the world’



‘My future is in my hands’: winning work



Ground-breaking Territory play on the local stage



Boardwalk now a permanent blight on the landscape




All that jazz



Poetry festival for a poetic town




Coming eye to eye with the meaning of home and country



NAIDOC celebrates the Wild Dog Story of Alice Springs



Namatjira family: Getting listeners ‘through our art’



‘Making beanie dreams come true’



Couture on the wildside



Serious Whitefella Stuff: have we got a program for you!





Something is film, Somewhere is Alice




Getting the full theatrical package fit for national tour



Humble objects of women’s work used to ask big questions




Bush Bands Bash: women’s band in main line-up for first time



Jazz talent scores Darcy a place in top US music school



The sorrows of war




Plan for jobs, income and cultural understanding



‘TROUBLE mirrors our ugly parts: we can learn from this.’



Seeing his name in the credits drives Josh




Writing the stories of trouble




2.5km of the MacDonnell Ranges to be lit up




A re-visioned landscape




Hard and soft lessons of remote community school teacher






Mostly hilarious, sometimes poignant, never downbeat



2001 Yeperenye Federation Festival remains the benchmark




Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark

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