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Drowning in bad news stories? Try this.

2612 container laundry SM



A container converted into a public laundry with washing machines and dryers that work, power and water that is reliable and detergent that never runs out, writes Steve Smith, Aboriginal Investment Group CEO. FULL STORY »

Incentives for teachers is only one small step: COGSO

2524 Tabby Fudge 1 SM



Incentives need to be provided in all regional and remote communities across the Northern Territory, such as the removal of HELP debts for substantial work periods in these roles, writes TABBY FUDGE (pictured), president of the Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations. FULL STORY »

Scott McConnell now to vote as an Independent

p2402 Scott McConnell SM



I have sought to represent the constituents of Stuart for the remainder of the term in the only way that is clearly in line with basic democratic principles and that is as an independent in Parliament, while remaining a member of the NT Labor Party, writes SCOTT McCONNELL, MLA for Stuart. FULL STORY »

If NT goes broke, Canberra has to bail us out: Higgins

2610 fiscal letter SM


As a non-state the Territory has a rich uncle with deep pocket standing behind it, who can’t say “no” to lenders if the NT defaults on loans: The Australian Government. Meanwhile the non-ALP members of the Legislative Assembly have signed a letter demanding a whole-of-parliament solution to the current fiscal mayhem. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Labor government increased NT deficit by a factor of 18

2606 Gary Higgins SM



Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (pictured) says the NT Government “should own up to having a problem”. He says the CLP left Labor a $78m deficit. At the reported current deficit of $1.4 billion, that is 18 times as much. FULL STORY »

NT and SA amalgamation: Would they have us?

2604 Highway Rest area SM


Centralia? Santasia? Whatever you call it, is it ever going to happen? ALEX NELSON looks at a long and inconclusive debate as the debt-ridden Territory becomes less attractive by the minute to its southern neighbour. PHOTO: A good indicator of South Australia’s lack of interest is the disgraceful state of the rest areas along its section of the Stuart Highway, the major road link between the two. FULL STORY »

Miners are spreading myths, says environmentalist

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“The mining industry are not the economic saviours that they make themselves out to be. They employ a small proportion of the NT workforce and are consistently propped up by government subsidies, while only ever offering boom and bust cycles of economic activity,” writes Jimmy Cocking (pictured), CEO of the Arid Lands Environment Centre. FULL STORY »

Fiscal emergency: Get rid of Ministers, says Opposition

p2405 Gary Higgins SM2



In 2012 we inherited a net debt of $3.5 billion. By 2016, we had reduced that to $1.8 billion. Now it’s projected to be $35.7 billion in 2029/30: Gary Higgins (pictured). FULL STORY »

2018 was hot and dry

Collectively across all locations within the Northern Territory, maximum temperatures were the second highest on record, says the Bureau of Metereology. FULL STORY »

Politics by social media happy snaps

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Still no answers from Federal, Territory treasurers on the Territory fiscal crisis. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »