Donga 1 (ˈdɒŋɡə) — n (South African), ( Austral), …

Comment on Alice turning into a fly-in, fly-out mining camp? by Dotson.

donga 1 (ˈdɒŋɡə) — n (South African), ( Austral), (NZ) a steep-sided gully created by soil erosion. [C19: Afrikaans, from Nguni donga washed out gully]
donga 2 (ˈdɒŋɡə) — n (in Papua New Guinea) a house or shelter.
I was confused. I still read your paper. I don’t know why. “Keep on truckin'”. Virgil in Las Vegas.
ED – Hi Virgil … welcome to the great Central Australia. Down (?) here dongas are efficient but very basic dwellings used out in the Bush. However, most people in Alice Springs would be a more than a little peeved to see them become the dominant form of accommodation.

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I like theses stories about Australia. I hope there is more to come.

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Reminds me of the story of a workman who dropped a large wrench into the bore (well). They worked for several days to retrieve it. The boss handed the wrench to the workman and said, “your fired, get off”. The workman took the wrench and dropped it back into the well and said: “Guess I won’t be needin that anymore.”
I grew up in the 50s on a Cotton Ranch in southern Arizona, a town about thirty miles away, Casa Grande, I think was much like Alice Springs.
I have worked on windmills pulling the rods and pipes in F120+ heat. It is very hard work.
Good Read.

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