There is another story here that needs investigation. Utopia art is …

Comment on Amnesty rhetoric fails to show the way forward for homelands by Bob.

There is another story here that needs investigation.
Utopia art is famous and has sold for large sums interstate, mostly Sydney. Most people at Utopia are living on welfare, but known artists have significant income, which would be distributed to extended family.
Why then are the Utopia people living in such poverty?
Several possibilities come to mind:
Is it that dealers are pocketing most of the proceeds and little is getting to the artists? (Seems unlikely, why would the artists have persisted for 20 years with such an arrangement?)
Is it that income is being squandered and not available for maintenance of these houses on privately owned land?
Is it that maintenance of houses and household appliances is simply not seen as a priority by the residents.

I note that one of the failings Amnesty listed is that washing machines do not work. Why are these not a private responsibilty, especially if there is significant income from art? For that matter where in the world are washing machines a government responsibility?

If Utopia is unable to be self supporting there seems to be little hope for other outstations with less sought after art.

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Training programs will never, of themselves, be successful while the alternative is unconditional welfare.
Only giving hard choices such as, do training and get a job, or take a menial job, or put up with living on food vouchers have a chance of success.

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Unfortunately this situation has come about after two generations of welfare dependency and will be very hard to reverse.
After Aboriginal Employment Strategies came to Alice some years ago there was an increase in the number of Aboriginals working at supermarket checkouts. Over a period of a year or so they slowly disappeared. I can only guess at the reasons.
I think all the carrots have been tried. Unfortunately the stick (restriction of welfare) is needed.

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Does Mr Styles have any evidence to support his claim that alcoholics are seeking out other drugs? Of people who volunteer for rehabilitation only a few succeed at the first attempt, the majority relapsing fairly quickly.
Is compulsory rehabilitation possible?
Experience is that making alcohol more expensive is unpopular, but works.

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Would you expect anything else from CLC?

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