All is not bleak on the flora front in The …

Comment on Spot a tree? Chop it down! by Yvonne Brooke-Anderson.

All is not bleak on the flora front in The Alice! In early October the Alice Springs Nursery was nominated by some of their customers to participate in the “Retail Garden Center of the Year 2011” which was run by Austraflora, possibly the biggest propagation nursery in Australia.
Voting was conducted online through the Austraflora website or through Austraflora’s facebook page. Over 300 garden centers (small, medium, large, rural, suburban and inner-city) participated.
After a whole month of voting and the wonderful support of the Alice Springs public we are pleased to announce that The Alice Springs Nursery placed second outright across Australia this morning.
A lot of our customers took pride in the fact that they were showing the rest of Australia that “we were not just spinifex and red sand in the Red Center,” and the positive feedback the nursery received was amazing.
So, in a national competition (that included BIG chain Garden Centers like Bunnings and Big W as well as large independents), thanks to the support of our customers and gardeners in Alice Springs, the Alice Springs Nursery came up trumps!

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