How sad it is that the misguided whites have done …

Comment on A close encounter with the past by Tholstrup.

How sad it is that the misguided whites have done so much damage. Many whitefellas who like and respect the true blackfella could do nothing against the church, politicians and the do-gooders who are led by the vested interest who have made a business out of the people who just need their self-esteem and pride returned.
We have just apologized for something we did not do and no-one today would do what was done, and it was as bad as the child molestation performed by the church against all children.
But those who will live to see the day, and as far as I am concerned, it is here today, we will have to apologize for genocide by welfare.
The obesity was never there in the past, neither was alcohol, and both are a result of very bad welfare. That will be seen as criminal by future generations.
What we did to the Vietnam returned soldiers and what we are doing to the Aboriginals will be the shame of Australia.

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‘Great Air Race’ crashes after government blows $413,000
The waste of government money is not as disastrous as the lost opportunity to the Northern Territory and especially Darwin.
World wide publicity.
Dick Smith already told the organisers they will never get the permissions. And the original flight did not have permission.
Had Airbus entered? They already have the first electric flight Paris to London in the bag.
They would have organised their own permits. No problem.
And imagine the feather in the cap of Airbus.
A wow factor.
A futuristic plus for us all.
Sad a minister would not take good advice.
She would have had an event.
And saved the government all that money.
As I said to her when we meet: Save that money.
Just support Dick and send out a worldwide press release.
The world would have been excited.
Sir Branson and Elon Musk types would have been excited.
They too are boys at hart, off on an adventure.

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