The overriding issue here is not the rights of those …

Comment on LETTER: Taking no prisoners by Andrew McAllan.

The overriding issue here is not the rights of those arrested; it is the right of citizens not to be subject to the criminal activities (whether minor or major) of recidivist offenders. As a society we keep protecting the rights of offenders. We defend their right to rehabilitation. It’s about time someone championed the rights of families. It’s about time the rights of the general population were held above those of common criminals. Our rehab services are far too ineffectual to deserve the support and weight of opinion they currently enjoy. Einstein said once “To do the same thing this year as last and expect a different result is a form of insanity”. Perhaps there is a level of insanity among our senior bureaucrats. Our Correctional Services personnel (both adult and juvenile) perform their duties proficiently and professionally. I can’t say the same for our politicians.

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