These are very accurate comments, Mark. Thank you for raising …

Comment on LETTER: Taking no prisoners by Maya Cifali.

These are very accurate comments, Mark. Thank you for raising the point at this time in the year – or in fact at any time – possibly even more so in the months leading to NT elections.
To remove offenders from the streets, put them out of sight and throw away the key, has never been a solution to over-offending.
The situation being what it is in the NT, wouldn’t it be the task of the Magistrates to alter their sentencing from imprisonment to something else whatever this may be among the services offered by the community? Once arrested with a warrant and brought before a court by the police, is it mandatory goal sentence in all these many cases? Surely not!

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Thank you Liz, this is well put together, and particularly well thought. Little things that we can all do for the profit of all; you can afford to develop a “flexible master plan”, you are a “business” and think ahead. The Government whether NT or Fed, can hardly make a plan without all the consultations, negotiations, paperwork and red tape associated with it. This is part of our democratic system. Can we reconcile the two ways? In a place like Alice I think we can. We are small enough and special enough to answer all the needs of our diverse community and the visitors’ too. Perhaps there is lack of leadership in this respect. May 2012 see our town develop and take advantage of the River (cf. lungo-mare or lungo-tebere) as an asset and not turn our back to it. Cars in the Mall will kill the mall as a pedestrian-commercial asset. I am no town planner but the natural features of our urban area could be enhanced for the benefit of all.

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