It’s heartening to hear such good news stories about prisoners …

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It’s heartening to hear such good news stories about prisoners and their reparation work to the community whom they have offended against. Barkly Work Camp prisoners made history earlier this year when eight successfully completed a Certificate I in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) delivered by well known Catering Instructor Ingolf Eigenwellig of CDU Alice Springs.
Another three completed a Certificate I in Resources and Infrastructure with a local mining company. On both occasions, the skills learnt will help those prisoners return to society as productive, contributing members.
Hopefully, there will be more good news next year about BWC and the excellent outcomes being achieved.

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Answers on cattle station turning carbon sink
@Bob Burdon … thanks for your commentary Bob. Unfortunately a decade ago we were told that global warming was a crisis. When it was proven that global warming cycles were no worse now than they have been in the past, the catch cry became climate change. What bothers me is that the government has made a knee-jerk reaction on information that is at least suspect if not incorrect. The carbon tax they intend to fob onto us is simply another means of filling the coffers and redistributing wealth. One has to be worried when a tax is so bad that almost everyone has to be compensated for the impact it creates. If they begin turning valuable assets into “carbon sinks”, it will be even worse. There is plenty of evidence that the IPCC modelling predicting monotonic climate warming is already wrong. The IPCC is a politically correct alarmist pressure group that has generated this current panic based on unreliable computer modelling; global temperature is too complex to predict by modelling. Even if it were accurate, the ‘base case’ bipartisan plan is to reduce Australia’s emissions by 5% by 2020 which is about 0.0000045% (roughly a 22 millionth!). And for this, our economy has to undergo unnecessary and painful disruption. Spain has gone down this path and it’s been a social and economic disaster. See here:
The government should have done its homework before going down the carbon taxation route. All we can hope for is that the bills are defeated and we have time to get our facts correct before embarking on such a large, impactful action against Australians.

Answers on cattle station turning carbon sink
I’ve a bunch of trees in my back yard that suck up carbon … can I get a carbon credit … or perhaps a tax offset?
The anti-carbon religion seems to be taking over and seems like nothing more than a plot to destroy Australia and turn us into a lot of backward drones.
While I’m first to acknowledge that we need to care for the planet and do what we can to minimize any adverse impact we have upon it, even scientists can’t agree on whether carbon, a natural and necessary element, found almost everywhere in the universe, is dangerous.
If the carbon-related legislation goes through, Australia will begin a steep decline that we can well do without, especially at a time when the Global Financial and political scene is so bad.

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