Australia is my home. It’s been since mid-80s. Being an …

Comment on Education: Alice must lift its game. by Zie.

Australia is my home. It’s been since mid-80s. Being an Asian, I’ve established myself professionally in the Education Fields in Australia. I’ve always wanted to work with the Aboriginal Community. I’ve always wondered the reception that, we Asians, would receive. Having read the column by Max, this has enlightened my view of Alice Springs. I absolutely agree with Arthur Bell on his motivational approach. To the special girl, Kemy Ogendi, her speech is refreshingly touched. Yes, politicians and government personnel should act upon her speech of wisdom. Guide them. Lead them.

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2022 AD – What we could hope for in Indigenous affairs, apart from the odd miracle
I read with interest the comments written individually by Debra and Janet Brown. Since been back from Alice Springs, I’ve reflected on most issues, positive and negative. For a first timer to Alice Springs, I was bewildered at the Aboriginals lazing around idle time away. I was told that they get the dole from Centrelink. My immediate inner thoughts was “Why can’t this be abolished? Why can’t they be trained for skills appropriately? Why take in outsiders when we can look in our own backyard?” Oh yes … I do feel very Aussie. I don’t feel Asian … although I do get “that” look. I am Aussie. I want to offer my knowledge and skills in every positive aspects to build future the Australia … a safe, comfortable, affordable, clean and harmonious one.
No, this does not dampen my spirit. I will, one day, visit Alice Springs and the surrounding areas in NT (with or without my husband).
If any of you readers need a volunteer to help make Australia a better place, I’m here.

Give tourists what they want
Thank you David. Happy New Year to you too. Totally agree with Deborah Rocks – Give the tourists what they want. Alice Springs has potential to grow.
I will return to Alice Springs for the second time, one day. ( My husband has been there five times!)
Zie and Harry

Add Food For Thought to the holiday table
Happy New Year 2012 Readers!
Guess what? I’d like to further comment under the column of Tourism for Alice Springs: Deborah Rock. My husband, Harry Brindley and I have had such a challenging, exhilarating and memorable holiday in Alice Springs! We’ve just been back to Melbourne Tuesday 3rd January (I don’t feel like coming home…).
We conquered walks around Uluru, climbed Kings Canyon and Kata Djuta! The native plants surrounds the entire environment is so refreshing. The air is pure and fresh. Yes! It’s hot, temperature wise. This is life. This is enjoying it. For me, that was my first visit. This has obviously eroded my prior preconceived visual idea of Alice Springs. Alice Springs has its history, its culture, heritage and the open paddock. I opine Alice Springs could do well as a Tourist Destination given effective marketing strategy well from now.
We also enjoyed the walk along Standley Chasm. Gorgeous! So, yes, we opine that Alice Springs can grow; with the strong backing of the tourism industries.
Zie and Harry
3rd January 2012

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