How did all these positions come about? There is only …

Comment on Lhere Artepe company says Mt Johns subdivision back on track, significant changes for supermarkets by william craig.

How did all these positions come about? There is only one family recognised, Andy Ross. Where does Andy Ross come from? And Patricia Miller needs to go now.

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Fresh irregularities at Lhere Artepe native title body
Pelthqrre – or is it another five minute blackfella with a dictionary?
You haven’t even got the guts of putting your name up!
Go crawl back under the rock you crawled out from.

Fresh irregularities at Lhere Artepe native title body
Rosie Monks, where were you born?
Did you talk for the Native Title?
Why did you get booted out of your country?
You said you are related to the Hayes family.
I’ve known these people all my life and I don’t remember them saying anything about you or your family.

When an elder is an elder
Uncle Travis to the rescue. Hahahaha.

When an elder is an elder
Interesting that you’ve been seen at Strehlow Research C.entre
Still trying to find out information about your family?
Your are a GREAT ELDer – you should know YOUR HISTORY?
You still haven’t answered my question what happened down the ROCK.HAHAHAHA.

When an elder is an elder
Micky (the great elder):
It’s 4am and I’m off to work to pay my taxes, to help all the freeloaders.
So you got two dictionaries. Hmm.
The CLC must have lots of money. That’s good, learning to be Arrernte / Alyawerre.
Going back to Hatches Creek where you are really from to be a great clown.
To your people, Hahahaha. They won’t take long to wake up to the great clown.
Before you go shooting off your great elder mouth, have good think about Mr Bray and his family
trying to get justice.

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