Are you kidding me with that response? Really … name …

Comment on Lhere Artepe company says Mt Johns subdivision back on track, significant changes for supermarkets by A real TO.

Are you kidding me with that response? Really … name calling! Name calling is a result that occurs when people are so fearful of listening to others’ opinions. That you resort to immature name-calling is the action of a weak-mind person and you engage in it as a defence to your own ego. It’s good that all others white and black are reading this. As it really shows how much of a tinder box our little town has become. It is increasingly evident (to everyone) deep divisions exist in the Aboriginal community of our town. It’s sad, really. LAE exists … mistakes were made … let’s hope they are rectified … time to move on … TO … out.

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Those in a hurry and those who are not
Your article on Mayor Baluch where she stated “You piss off back to Alice Springs to the Todd River” does not recognise that many of the people who were drinking and misbehaving in “her” town were from the many remote communities of APY Lands and others in SA. Not all drunks come from NT.
It also does not state the fact that Port Augusta is a SA State priority in Urban and Regional Development Strategy for Aboriginal people. The agencies have a clear direction from the Premier to take action. From TAFE to schools, to employment programs, housing, youth issues, and correctional programs. So her solutions may appear grand and results look great it could never have been achieved without the coordination and decision making authority of the Govt. agencies.
Unfortunately Alice suffers from an Intervention that has pushed people into towns to access their entitlements and it severely suffers from the lack of decision makers in the Alice. Only when the issues start effecting businesses in the town like the many vacant shop sites and “The Memo” (a bastion of non-Aboriginal Alice) that people start opening their eyes and acknowledge it’s “our problem”.
Solving drinking issues is only a piece of the puzzle, though a pretty big one … schooling has long been an issue and the Education Dept gets a free ride … think about it … kids not in school are up to no good. And the family structures break down … it’s a bigger issue that the grog. Also a lot of non Aboriginal people have made a good amount of money off the “Aboriginal Industry Dollar” in Alice Springs, tourism, housing repairs, shopping, cars, and especially the Casino.
So don’t bleat and blame when the dollars have dried up find a solution. Impose authority like curfews, and do not tolerate public drunkenness. Why are people allowed to camp in the Todd? Where do they go when it floods? Its not traditional to camp there … so let’s not tolerate it … it’s not traditional to humbug people for money … don’t be fooled by it. Consult the locals … the families that have lived in town for decades … both white and black … surely a solution can occur soon. Things can change quickly … if people have the gumption to act.

Macklin spokesperson: Dept looking at Lhere Artepe, Darryl Pearce deals to check ABA funds ‘have been used appropriately’
New subject please … boring now. Surely you have lives … then I think not. TO … Out

Macklin spokesperson: Dept looking at Lhere Artepe, Darryl Pearce deals to check ABA funds ‘have been used appropriately’
You’re missing my point … it’s not who I am … it’s who you are that needs to be ascertained.

Native Title group confirms sacking of Darryl Pearce
William or Willaim as it is spelt here … it’s evident in all your posts that you demonstrate so well your lack of knowledge in your diatribe. However in regard to any listing of a legal cases you can’t list all people when referring to legal cases, here let me help you. Listed below are the original applicants. Third name listed is Mr Robert (Bob) Liddle.
1. This is an application for a determination of native title in relation to land and waters in and near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.
The applicants are:
Thomas Stevens Peltharre
Robert Francis Stuart Kngwarraye
Robert Liddle Kemarre
Augustine Rice Ampetyane
Wenten Rubuntja Pengarte
Patrick Peter Stirling Kemarre
Veronica Golder (Campbell) Pengarte
Myra Hayes Ampetyane
Rosie Ferber Ampetyane
Doris Stuart Renehan Kngwarraye
Stewart Oliver Angale
Clem Ellis Pengarte
Phylis Blanche Campbell-Kenny Ampetyane
Jean Stuart Kemarre

Macklin spokesperson: Dept looking at Lhere Artepe, Darryl Pearce deals to check ABA funds ‘have been used appropriately’
So you are trying to tell me (in one line) CLC got the TOs wrong many many years ago when a lot of old people were around to verify theire knowledge and heritage. Pfft! The TOs have been identified for years. There are names of people on these emails and in the stories that have come out of the proverbial wood work seeking the claim other people’s country. You all should be embarrassed which I can see you are clearly not and you insult your own elders and neglect your own heritage. I think its time to get over it.

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