Here we go again, Delia looking after Darwin again, just …

Comment on Darwin to get cheap housing but Alice not yet by Below the Howard Springs Line.

Here we go again, Delia looking after Darwin again, just like there are no other places in the Territory.
Just remember, Delia, elections coming soon. BYE BIRDIE.

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Memo Club suspends trading, goes into voluntary administration. Town & Country to close tomorrow.
I would like to say get rid of labor FIRSTLY, and get the football BACK to the communities. Everyone start taking responsibility for ALICE. These kids start walking into town around 2.30pm then never leave till early hours in the morning. Can’t blame the police. Communities need to take responsibility. And yes I stopped going out because leaving the Memo and other pubs was getting TOOOO scary. Had a good night, walked to my car and windows were SMASHED. There goes my night.

Lhere Artepe company says Mt Johns subdivision back on track, significant changes for supermarkets
I’m a Arrernte Person as well, but I’m ashamed that all this is going on. And yes, we are the laughing stock, white people love this when blackfellas bitch and fight. They think it is our culture, and you know what, we play into their hands all the time. Everyone’s got lot to say on here, say it at the meetings, big mouths.
Too much too say.

Macklin spokesperson: Dept looking at Lhere Artepe, Darryl Pearce deals to check ABA funds ‘have been used appropriately’
Well, I’m a traditional owner of Alice Springs and I went to a couple of meetings and to see all these new faces that were sitting there. I was shocked, people that didn’t even recognize themselves as Aboriginals, people – yes – out of the woodwork. In my opinion get people in there that are not related to any of the TOs, give it up to people that can run a business properly. This is embarrassing arguing amongst ourselves. We are there on display all the time and what do we do play into the hands of others ALL THE TIME.

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