Sir Paul Hasluck had it right so many years ago …

Comment on Ryder case: ‘We can learn from this’ by Robinoz.

Sir Paul Hasluck had it right so many years ago when he said, “We have homogenised the milk, but not the people.”
One of the key contributors to social division and real racism in the Australian population are the racist laws, policies and programs created by governments with the apparent belief that they are doing good. Until we stop emphasising the “them and us” by advertising products and services for indigenous Australians that aren’t available for all Australians, the divide and associated racism will continue. Governments need to move on from the paternalistic, racist approach to social justice (or whatever they think it is) and fund programs that assist all Australians based on demonstrated need and not demonstrated race. It will cost more, but we can always find money to give to overseas nations and it might mean being a little more generous with our own and less generous with others.
This first step towards equality would help to forge a more cohesive, better Australia and improve the relationship between indigenous Australians and other Australians.

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Ryder case: ‘We can learn from this’
@Basil Zelig … At university around 1982 I was given a copy of a speech by Sir Paul that contained those words. It was a motivational speech at some place and for some reason of which I am now unsure. However, the reason I remembered the words was that I had to look up the word “homogenised” in a dictionary to recall its meaning. About six months later at Mount Isa, the Manager of Public Relations and Communications at Mount Isa Mine gave a speech to graduating TAFE students and he plagiarised Sir Paul’s speech to the letter. The speech seemed familiar to me and when he said the words regarding the homogenisation of people, I recalled them very well as I was so taken aback that a person in such a well paid and senior position would commit such a literary sin. I’m sorry I can’t provide a reference for you.

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Four more years of same-same
We needed a council that will focus on council issues and not the so-called progressive issues of gender confusion, revision of history including changing Australia Day, renaming Father’s Day, unbridled immigration, destruction of coal fired power stations and the associated “flattening” of industry as described in our inexplicable signing of the UN’s Lima Accord. It seems that’s what the people elected.

Michele Castagna, 1944 – 2016
To Lyn Watson and family, our deepest sympathies. Michelle was a true example of our human spirit and will be missed, but remembered by all with whom she came in contact.

We have four times the nation’s rate of road deaths
It would be nice to see police enforcing stop signs, failing to keep right or left when turning right or left i.e., driving into the incorrect lane after the turn at intersections like the Stuart Highway and Larapinta Drive.
The idiots who signal to turn right on the approach of a roundabout and then drive straight ahead could also stand some attention.
All of these offences indicate that either drivers don’t care about road rules, don’t know them, or are just plain sloppy. Sloppiness in one part of their driving leads to other aspects of sloppiness and eventually traffic incidents.

The green, green grass of the Stuart Highway
Well done by the police. With only two major roads in and out of the Territory, hopefully they can knock off a few more drug peddlers.

Call to show respect for the flag
Flags must be maintained in good repair also. Flags that are falling apart at the seams should not be displayed.

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