@2Janet Brown, Jan 25. Here, here, Ms. Brown. As an …

Comment on Ryder case: ‘We can learn from this’ by Rebecca MacTavish.

@2Janet Brown, Jan 25. Here, here, Ms. Brown. As an American who has seen the effects of racism and the domination of others unfortunate enough to be “in the way”, I can only agree that being taught to respect others from infancy is the only cure. It took African-Americans 150 years to get to the place of respect they now occupy. Please don’t let it take that long for your countrymen.
It brings tears to my eyes and pains my heart when I realize that the American Indians have lost most of their culture, customs, land, religious practices and even languages. Please don’t let the beauty of the Aboriginal culture be wiped out.
It truly saddens me to see the same experience being repeated elsewhere. Oh, the horrible mistakes we made here America! Your descendants do not want to be plagued with the same anguish that my generation feels about our country’s past.
So keep encouraging fairness, respect and kindness. Do not tolerate superior thinking. After all, every human, no matter color, wants the same thing – a safe home and their loved ones near at hand.

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Give tourists what they want
Great article, Ms. Rock. As an outsider (Grass Valley California), I would a agree that you covered the main elements that we look for in travel. Being from another country, my biggest interest is the culture. I can four-wheel, bike and balloon anywhere, but I can’t learn about the Aboriginal culture or enjoy bush “tucker” (love that term!) I think an Aboriginal Cultural Center is a awesome idea and a must. It would be one of the top five things I would expect to visit. That and any historical centers. Hope to see all of your Alice Springs sights someday soon!

George Brown 1927 – 2011
I live in Grass Valley, California, and happened upon this article. Mr Brown sounds like he was an amazing man, I offer my condolences. It is my driving dream to visit and absorb the outback and I appreciate reading about such an inspiring person. Perhaps some day soon I will see first hand the successes that Mr Brown was instrumental in achieving. Love from across the Pacific.

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