Well said Debbie … common sense from someone who is …

Comment on The Alice: celebrate the good, fix the bad – now! by Terry.

Well said Debbie … common sense from someone who is prepared to “tell it like it is”. It really is time for the city Fathers to sit down and face reality, and if they do not, perhaps Debbie should consider running in the next elections. I remember The Alice as a great little town, and a great place to bring up my five kids. Why not get it back to that?

Recent Comments by Terry

I climbed Ayers Rock
Just wondering what damage has been done to The Rock since people have been allowed to climb on it? Has it been attacked with hammers? Attacked with explosives? Defaced in any major way? If the NT Government think this ban will improve tourism in any way I believe they have another think coming. Why go all that way out just to look at a rock, indeed a rock that in real life is nothing like the glowing red photos you see in the tourist shops most of the time. Big mistake.

Town camp attackers should face full force of law
No matter who is in power politically, I agree with Mr Higgins.
If you allow the law of the land to be sidestepped for any particular group of people anarchy will surely follow.
Black white or brindle you MUST enforce the law of the land.
Sidestep the law for any group for any reason and chaos is a certainty.

Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders
It is not mentioned here, but I assume that the majority of these children are Aboriginal? And I do not see too many post placing the blame where it belongs: With the parents.
Failing that, why not set up a camp either in or outside the city staffed by senior Aboriginal people where these children can be held until the parents are contacted, and possibly brought to task.
Children have historically been punished for misbehaving, either by the parent of by the law. Why is it so different in The Alice?

Review, don’t celebrate Pine Gap: Alice peace group
Good to see that a few Alice residents see the true value of Pine Gap. Like it or not, It plays a huge part in the protection of the Western World. Thank you USA.

Stealth party to mark 50 years of Pine Gap
What the!
Alice has sucked of the American teat for years but suddenly it’s all Americas fault, or even better it’s Trumps fault?
Six months in power after eight years of Democratic rule? And he is to blame? Get real, not so.
The fault and the fact that Alice is becoming crime ridden and not a nice place to live in is down purely and simply to years of bad city management and bad decisions.
I lived in the Alice in the seventies and eighties, but following The Alice Springs News over the years and watching the town’s decline I know that there is no way I would live there now.
To those in charge of the city I say “get your act together and fix the city’s problems, it’s almost too late now but some hard thinking and management biting the bullet may just recover what is lost”.

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