Thanks, Terry. They’re not called the good old days for …

Comment on The Alice: celebrate the good, fix the bad – now! by Debbie Osborne.

Thanks, Terry. They’re not called the good old days for nothing! However, to be fair to ASTC, they have done quite a bit to make the town more liveable. I mentioned the bubblers and the bike paths. The northern end of the Mall has power points and in the evening there are frequently people sitting in the Mall with their laptops plugged in. I don’t know if there’s WiFi access there or not, but assume there is. Having people in the Mall makes it safer, and should encourage more people into the Mall after dark, making it even safer. ASTC have introduced areas where people can exercise their dogs off leash. They even provide bags for the faeces to be collected. This also gets more people out and about, interacting with each other and creating a safer environment.
The council can’t always get it right. Any initiative will have its detractors, and we tend to be much more aware of what they haven’t done or what hasn’t worked. However, I like to think all council members are there for the right reasons, even the ones I disagree with.
Thanks for the support, but I’m not sure I’m ready for the public criticism that would come with being on council!

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