Maybe Debbie feels safe walking across the Wills Terrace bridge …

Comment on The Alice: celebrate the good, fix the bad – now! by Sharon.

Maybe Debbie feels safe walking across the Wills Terrace bridge at 9pm at night, I didn’t even feel safe walking across it at about 5pm, especially when I was nearly assaulted on that bridge, by a group of Aboriginal youths. They had already harassed a couple of other women with a baby with them when I was on the bridge. Once they had finished with the two women they ran back to harass me and one of them took a swing at me. I reported the incident to the police and they said they couldn’t do anything. Quite a few other times, I have been and I have also seen others being accosted on that bridge, by groups of youths, at various times during the day and night.

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Wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of other people didn’t know where Alice Springs was. When I used to work in the Alice Springs Post office, I saw addressed envelopes that had Alice listed in every state and the ACT, and even saw letters with stamps on them from post offices all over the country.

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