“More power for the Mayor or Mayoress”: The expectations we …

Comment on Challenger for mayoral contest? by Paul Lelliott.

“More power for the Mayor or Mayoress”:
The expectations we have of our Mayor are high indeed. I’m sure we all realise by now that the role of the Mayor in Alice Springs is a fixed role determined by Territory government legislation.
Reading various comments by aspiring councilors and concerned residents it occurs to me that we are all screaming out for leadership. If Alice Springs was
a commercial business it would require a CEO to administer that business and deliver satisfactory outcomes for its stakeholders.
Currently we, the stakeholders [the residents] do not have a CEO to go to. If we have concerns about law and order who do we go to?
If we have concerns about tourism who do we go to?
If we have concerns about childcare costs who do we go to?
During my research for this commentary I was reminded that we have government departments who are able to take our inquiries. And that is precisely the problem. These departments are headed up by very capable staff but I fear that bureaucracy gets in the way of good leadership.
We want someone on the ground. The Go To.
Here is the challenge: Appoint the Mayor as CEO of Alice Springs Inc. with a salary commensurate to the position funded and run through Council.
This can be done without compromising the day to day role of the Mayor.
If you want leadership this is how to get it.
Paul Lelliott

Recent Comments by Paul Lelliott

Ice – it’s worse than any of us realise
It’s the tip of the iceberg Michael.
Your message should be rammed home in everything we do. This epidemic is far worse than the Ebola virus or the threat of ISIS. We need to use all of our so called corporate leadership skills, persuasive political strategies, community involvement networks, dedicated law enforcement tactics, proven family values and social media power to eliminate the drug.
It’s time for leadership at the highest level.
There is no more compelling task for our Chief Minister to take on.
Governments across the nation are funding programs worth millions to counter the growth in illicit drug trafficking. Can we do an audit on the outcomes? Can we get inside to the families of the Territory? Can we set a world standard for a frontline drug offensive?
Can we offer our kids a lasting alternative to drugs? What’s the value proposition? The youth of our country need to be formally recognised as the panacea and should be included in every discussion.
It’s a bloody big task. But the enormity should not deter.
To the Feds … in the rush to balance the budget please consider there are bigger issues at stake here. It’s like the father who works seven days a week for 20 years to pay off the house mortgage and never sees his children.
So he pays off his house but he has missed out on the family interaction.
Noel Pearson has the right balance. He sees all Australians as his family and works tirelessly to give them the best opportunities available.
Step up, Sir, and lead the nation.

Buffel, the canetoad of the plant world
Cenchrus Ciliaris [buffel]. Once again Peter you are right on the money. We need to manage it.
I have completed a definitive study on this plant and the overwhelming evidence is that it does have to be controlled to protect it from consuming other plant species.
That my friends is the end game in this debate. All other positions are annulled.

30,000 Territorians not on the electoral roll
Now there’s an election to be won right there, Clive. Just have to get out of that big jet plane and start door knocking or get Eli and co to drive around in that new flash car.

‘Born & bred’ Renee worked her way up to bank manager
Renee, congratulations.
Keep your good people around you and you will achieve the targets the bank requires. You have the strong support of the Board and a powerful asset in Jason.
Hope your community branch is awarded the Gold Credit Card in the not too distant future.

Council, parents should do more about street kids: Giles
Melanie, I think what the Chief Minister is getting at is that he wants parents to take a greater interest in what their kids are doing. Across the country it’s apparent that parents do not engage with their kids.
As a former CEO of Football in Central Australia I can tell you that 99% of parents do not get involved. Speaking with those in similar groups interstate confirms to me that parents generally are leaving the recreational activities their kids need to structured government programs often supervised by volunteers all of whom should have current Working with Children clearances.
Families need to get involved. In an effort to get this happening in the Western suburbs of Sydney highly a successful multicultural program was established with UNiNSW funding and the team heading this up actually door knocked the homes of the kids turning up to the program.
As for the Alice Springs Youth Centre it is one of many facilities that are not utilised during the school holidays.
With regard to youth programs which have had funding cuts I think there is a strong case for going to the Minister and putting a case.
I can tell you he will not entertain submissions which do not guarantee a marked improvement in parental responsibilities.

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