This idea has been kicking around for a year or …

Comment on Asylum seeker led recovery for Alice: businessman’s proposal by Hal Duell.

This idea has been kicking around for a year or two, and its time may have come.
Lots of details to work through, but, Yes! let’s do it!

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Asylum seeker led recovery for Alice: businessman’s proposal
There are a few recent pointers in both the national and the local debate that indicate this proposal is possible.
On the national level:
The Federal Government has recently said that they hope to issue up to 1/3 of the ‘boat people’ with bridging visas and to release them into the community.
At other times it has been suggested that any refugees released into the larger community might have travel restrictions imposed as a condition of that release.
The holders of bridging visas will be asked to support themselves, after an initial period of settling in.
No one is expecting them to buy their own home, at least not at first.
On the local level:
At least one of the housing developments south of the Gap (Kilgariff ) is in hand. This is no longer just a possibility. We are spreading south of the Gap.
Alice Springs needs every injection of capital it can attract, and I suggest putting up our hand to house some of those being granted bridging visas, especially as they might come with temporary travel restrictions and so will have to stay here for a while, and this might garner us some new funding.
Migrants have a long history of creating work and growth both here and elsewhere in the world where they are allowed to mix with the host population.
Some might even like us enough to stay.
If, as suggested, this development will soon be made possible for willing communities in Australia, and not just the major urban centres of Sydney, Melbourne etc., I suggest we would be lazy and remiss not to at least try to attract some of this new growth to Alice.
I say it’s possible.
Get Warren on board and it might even be probable.

Recent Comments by Hal Duell

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
I appeal to the NT government, especially to Ministers Gunner and Wakefield, to reconsider their approach to building the proposed National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs.
I doubt if many residents, and certainly not a majority, would be opposed to the gallery being built here. But why do you need to destroy what we have (an old high school, a central oval and a debt-free and functioning civic centre) to do that?
It’s not like we’re short of space down here.
It’s a bit unfair to ask council to solve your location problem when to date both of your proposals have presented it with a solution impossible to sell to the residents. And remember, councillors also face the coming elections.
Indigenous suggestions range from the Desert Park to the Desert Knowledge precinct.
It’s not negotiating if you reject in advance any suggestions other than your own.
And a note to council: The NT Government has clearly stated through Minister Wakefield that these discussions can be held in open. Time for you to stop hiding from us. Let’s hear what you have to say.

Locally produced hemp could replace plastic
This is a very good initiative. Congratulations to the Gunner government.
Hemp is a not only a better fibre than cotton, but growing it uses less water and fewer chemicals. What not to like?
Again, congratulations to the Gunner government.

Gunner goofs: No council ‘decisions’ on gallery site
Perhaps one of the more astonishing features of this continuing saga is the overweening arrogance of Alice’s current group of councillors.
They somehow think they have the right to dispose of our civic centre.
They forget they were elected to look after our assets, not use them as bargaining chips in some shady back-room deal.
Commercial-in-confidence is such a scam. Come on councillors – I challenge any of you to grow a pair.

Despite clear leads, no-one was punished for making this mess
It can be done. Read this.

US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
The Opium Wars are over. China won. And all this “containment” and forward posturing is more like dogs barking in the night while the caravan moves on.
Poor Oz! Hanging like a pendulum between London and Washington with (just) the Kiwis for company. That means Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. What can go wrong?

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