This idea has merit but the big mistake is trying …

Comment on Asylum seeker led recovery for Alice: businessman’s proposal by Tony Sanderson.

This idea has merit but the big mistake is trying to involve Warren Snowdon. Unless you live in Darwin or a Top End community he has no idea the rest of the Territory exists.

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LETTER: Labor’s mismanagement of $9m splash on Henbury carbon farm
If Steve doesn’t sum it up, well I cant beat him. Spending that sort of money would have done wonders in the top end for infrastructure towards food production so Australia can boost exports. I love the pastoral country and what it produces – but a carbon farm ?

$23 million Bunnings development on schedule for mid-year
I have mixed views here. Having lived in Alice and seen the struggle some of the hardware outlets have had to cope with, now along comes the biggest in the nation. What lies around the corner? This may be great for consumers but for hardware retailers we will just have to wait and see. I will follow this with interest.

LETTER: Time for a third sealed national route
Yep I’m with the Barkly idea / run the bitumen from Tennant through to Hall’s Creek no dramas.

Fire in the desert: a formidable threat and a tool
Bush fires have always been a natural phenomenon but those who choose to light them for destructive purposes should be made to pay for their crime with jail, removal of all social benefits and put in work gangs to repair the damage caused, particularly to fences and waters.
After some people are put in this position the word will quickly spread. My thoughts are with those who have suffered by the horrendous acts of wanton destruction.
I also suggest greater accountability by those who authorize controlled burning. Hang in there you pastoralists, there is another wet on the way. Good luck.

Letters to the Editor
Steve Brown, your article gets the gong from me and many of my fellow land holders. We all have to lobby our local members and the public in general that to close down produce producing properties any where in Australia is going against the philosophy of Australia being a food bowl. The present PM thinks we should develop other industries to take us forward but I assure you that whatever we do, everyone still has to eat.

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