Judging from the poorly thought out support shown for this …

Comment on Asylum seeker led recovery for Alice: businessman’s proposal by Domenico Pecorari.

Judging from the poorly thought out support shown for this half baked idea, it must be time we officially changed our town’s name to Alice $PRING$: always chasing that bucket of money, at all costs.

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Asylum seeker led recovery for Alice: businessman’s proposal
Now, Jan, I have re-read Paul’s article, and nowhere do I find ANY details regarding the form of accommodation proposed, apart from references to “onshore processing of refugees” as opposed to offshore processing in Malaysia, Christmas Island and Nauru. The release of refugees holding bridging visas into the community was first raised by Hal Duell, with whom I agreed, in writing, stating also that I did not accept any form of processing involving detention centres. As I said before, I believe there are lots of details to work through and I’d still want to see some analysis work before any decisions are made. As for your assertion that I’ve labelled this town’s conservatives as “white racists”, I challenge you to find any such references in my writings. It did, however, remind me of that saying: “If the hat fits …”

Asylum seeker led recovery for Alice: businessman’s proposal
If we are talking about integrated community-based accommodation of asylum seekers, as opposed to a detention centre, then I am all for it. As you say yourself, Hal, there’s “lots of details to work through”. I just want to see some analysis before we proclaim “Yes, let’s do it!”.

Asylum seeker led recovery for Alice: businessman’s proposal
Oh, Janet. Life must be so simple when you are guided by nothing more than chasing buckets of money with which to solve all our problems … but you and others like you, all looking for silver bullet solutions, need to consider the consequences of your ideas. Have you, for example, given any thought to, or quantified, the pros and cons of having an onshore refugee processing centre, both in the short and longer term? If you have, then by all means let us in on the data that underpins your idea.
When you are able to give more than unsubstantiated opinions, your ideas may be more worthy of consideration.

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Minister Moss defends heritage record
I stand by my belief that the NT Heritage Act 2011 is not worth the paper it is written on. My response to the minister is that:
i. “Social value” is not entirely included in criterion (g), as claimed by the Minister, since it relates to “a particular community or cultural group”. Would the opinion of the general community count? I’d say not, if the recent decision against listing the Coles mural is any indication.
ii. That the Walk-In Theatre and Kenna Residence (YHA, Parsons Street) are “provisionally declared” is not reflected in the NT Heritage Register website, which shows their status as “Not Recommended”; and
iii. Although many of the threatened heritage places were indeed nominated under the previous Act, ministerial decisions not to declare them date to late 2013, well after the passing of the present Act.
Although these places could indeed be re-nominated under the 5-year rule, recent ministerial decisions would suggest they would be un-successful, thereby giving owners another 5-year window in which to legally demolish their buildings.
Any casual glance at which nominations have been successful over recent years suggests that heritage-listing is only for places and objects of little or no commercial value and that listing of our larger, more significant buildings, particularly those in our CBD, can be vetoed by the building owner, with a little co-operation from the Minister.
It does indeed seem that there is little that can stand up to a developer’s “right” to make a quick quid, even if it will hurt our town’s local economy in the long run.

Sacred sites authority mum on Melanka trees
@ James. Ha ha. Given today’s political climate, I dare say you would do very well in the upcoming elections.

Sacred sites authority mum on Melanka trees
On a more serious note: I find it hard to understand why mature trees are continuing to be cut down anywhere in this town, particularly following the loss of nearly 2000, or 5%, of street and park trees due to the hotter, more prolonged summer of last year.
That figure would certainly be much higher if you include losses in home gardens.
I’d like to think that the increasing difficulty in planting new trees, as can be seen by Alice Springs Town council’s efforts along Palm Circuit, would see us trying to keep every mature tree we have.
Our “business as usual” attitude to trees needs changing.
The de-greening of our town’s centre will come to affect us all if we don’t begin valuing trees and their contribution to a town’s liveability.

Sacred sites authority mum on Melanka trees
@ James: Your comment brings to mind that famous quote attributed to the Friends of Voltaire, but I believe Oscar Wilde’s take on that quote is more appropriate in your case, that being: “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.”

Former Anzac Hill High School: time to take stock
@ Evelyne.
Alex Nelson, Mike Gillam and I are holding a snap Public Meeting at the main gates to the Anzac Hill High School between 7:30 and 8:15 tomorrow morning, Monday 21st October, at which time we will have a public burning of the NT Heritage Act, which I believe is not worth the paper it is written on.
We ask all interested readers to come along and show support for our town’s heritage places, many of which are currently un-protected and may be legally demolished.
Places such as the Walk-In Theatre and Kenna Residence (YHA); the Old Riverside Hotel (Todd Tavern); the former Wallis Fogarty Store (Alice Travel and Cruise): and the Coles Mural, all of which have been nominated for heritage listing but have been rejected by the minister due to objections raised by the building owners.
We are being served poorly by our government legislators and the departments that are charged with looking after our heritage places.
If you also feel that the time to act has come, we look forward to seeing you there.

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