Parks and Wildlife write joint management plans in consultation with …

Comment on Council should not be in government’s pocket, says mayoral candidate Brown by David Nixon.

Parks and Wildlife write joint management plans in consultation with traditional owners and are open to public comment until such time as they each get signed off in the Legislative Assembly. There’s not much to be done from within the Town Council to disrupt this process unless you think it constructive to use the Town Council as a vantage point from which to bark at the NT Government. Barking can be very therapeutic but often upsets the neighbours.

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Council should not be in government’s pocket, says mayoral candidate Brown
For a history of the Central Australian economy, I highly recommend these videos by Dr. Bruce Walker:

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Haunting excursion into Alice’s psyche
Interesting comment that the book is a set text over there in London; I’d have thought it may have been used here first as an induction tool for all employed in health, education and justice systems!
It was certainly a bolt of lightning insight for me having, for the past 20 years, struggled to comprehend how it is that things remain the same here despite the allocation of resources and intent to shift them.
Highly recommended reading.

Is the town over all the talk?
I noticed many old warhorses at cricket training last night preparing for grand finals. Sorry I wasn’t there to listen.

Do-it-yourself rescue of battling outback town
Dear Doubtful,
You make a valid point but the cynical undercurrent of your comment suggests you feel it improbable that systemic change is possible in Alice.
I encourage you to think more broadly about what is driving antisocial behaviour. When I reflect on this through the prism of the things that we can change at the local level, I keep coming back to the realisation that grog undermines everything in this town. Nothing can or will progress until the grog stops.
We need to vote in a Town Council that is willing to make emphatic representations to the Liquor Commission to this effect … and when they fail to act, make emphatic representations over and above the Liquor Commission’s jurisdiction.
Once we’ve tamed grog, we can get on with the renewal process without being undermined by constant civic disruption.

Central Australia is perishing for a drink
Wow! It’s unconscionable that people could argue for the status quo in view of these numbers: “Alcohol abuse costs $4197 per year for every adult Territorian, compared to $944 per adult nationally. The NT, with just over 1% of the national population, represents 7% of the estimated national alcohol-attributable policing costs of $747.1 million dollars.”
I would be grateful if someone could calculate the “opportunity cost” of this alcohol abuse to add to these damning stats.

Challenger for mayoral contest?
There can be no progress until the grog is stopped – it undermines everything except the profitability of a few.

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