@ Hal Thanks for the Comment Hal. No I do …

Comment on Council should not be in government’s pocket, says mayoral candidate Brown by Steve Brown.

@ Hal Thanks for the Comment Hal. No I do not support an alcohol free day I am in fact very much in support of winding back the many idiotic restrictions we have already introduced.
Restrictions that are blatantly racist and paternal in their nature do not assist our community at all! In fact they exacerbate the problems enormously. How would you for instance like it if on purchasing a carton of beer you decided to partake of a can only to be accosted by police and the entire contents of your carton poured out on the ground in front of you?
I know that I would feel extremely angry and humiliated. How would you feel if you were told that you couldn’t drink it in your own home but that rule only applied to the whiteys? How do you feel when some paternal soul says: “No you can’t have a drink today, I don’t think you need one”! You see where I’m going with this Hal?
Restrictions generate segregation, isolation, humiliation and immense anger. That anger results in disrespect, contempt and payback! This comes back tenfold in the form of break and enters, assaults, anti social and criminal behaviour.
So what have we achieved with restrictions? We’ve criminalized many that weren’t criminals prior, including many innocents who were simply badgered into supply! We’ve escalated all levels of crime one hundred fold. The only ones subjected by, and complying with, the restrictions are those that were always responsible and living within the confines of the law.
Restrictions have had a negative effect on them as well, general resentment at being inconvenienced, paying the price, losing freedoms because of the action of others, whose action have continued unabated around them. The whole effect is a heightening of tensions and a tragic loss of the lighthearted sense of fun and adventure that this town once oozed.
We can change the level of tension and criminal behaviour in this town almost instantly by winding back the restrictions to sensible trading hours, allowing all people their legal right as equal Australians to drink in their own homes should they so choose and concentrating all our energies on those who behave badly with immediate arrest and mandatory rehabilitation.
My Policy: Make those who misbehave pay the price and leave everybody else alone!
As for the possibility of a processing centre there is so much going on in this area that processing of this kind is quite unlikely to continue for very long. But how useful would an accommodation centre capable of housing 500 souls be to Alice?? You get the jobs from construction you get the jobs while it operates, it would be an enormous boon to say the airport corporation who could provide suitably located land and when it closes, as it most certainly will, we would be left with an amazing complex for which I could think of endless possibilities. You’ve got to grab your chances when they come, how do I feel about it: “Bring it on!”
Statehood? After a lifetime of living in Alice and seeing the complete disregard the disinterest and sometime contempt with which we are treated by our so called capital I ask, “what’s in it for us”? The answer appears to be more of the same! As a result I think that Australia as a whole should be thinking about a new method of government that better represents and supports its regions. When I see a council area like the greater Brisbane Council which services millions then look to the Territory that as a whole supports some 250,000 with more than half the population either public servants or welfare recipients.
I can’t help but wonder if we would be better served by getting rid of a lot of government and dividing the Territory into two regional councils, at least until the time comes that we have created a self reliant economy, not one that depends on handouts from the rest of the nation. So for me the answer is “No to Statehood” for the foreseeable future.

Steve Brown Also Commented

Council should not be in government’s pocket, says mayoral candidate Brown
Another museum opened in Darwin today. I suppose seeing as it’s a memorial to such an important event in our history “The Bombing of Darwin” we should all be really enthusiastic about it.
Then again when you add to that museum water parks, wave pools, sporting grounds, stadiums, roads, ports and overpasses far in excess of the city’s size then another lot again for Palmerston which apparently isn’t part of “Darwin”, being a few short kilometers away from the city’s centre.
How do they justify the enormous expenditure differences the staggering in equality in roads services and facilities of every kind between Darwin and Alice? Because there are more people at one address does it mean they are entitled to more services and facilities? I would have thought larger facilities, “yes”, but many more with unsurpassed extravagance? Tragically for us there is a kind of nepotism going on here in the Territory of a kind that you would normally only expect to find in a third world dictatorship! Its time something was done, its time the attention of the nation was drawn to it.
How do we explain to a kid sitting on a bare earth sporting paddock on some community with no swimming facilities at all, that a population situated on the coast surrounded by oceans, creeks and rivers must have a wave pool, water parks, swimming centres, dams etcetera, all before the community kid gets anything at all. Where is the equality in that?
How do you tell that kid that a great many of those northern facilities were built by skimming off funds sent by the rest of the nation to improve his lot in the world? The same goes for the community of Alice Springs. We’ve put up with the deliberate neglect for too long. Damien Ryan’s stint as Mayor has seen him continually take the role of apologist for the NT Labor Government, often flying in the face of the passionate opinions of his own constituency as he did with Action for Alice over the Law and Order issues of Christmas 2010.
Alice Springs needs a strong community voice that fights for us! Not for a greedy bunch of northern nepotistic opportunists!! It’s TIME TO STAND UP! Let’s get our voice back, demand some semblance of equality! Our fair share! Let’s judge Damien on his record just as he asks. Send Damien and Paul Henderson a message from Alice!

Council should not be in government’s pocket, says mayoral candidate Brown
I don’t lay claim to the idea of a “National Aboriginal Cultural Centre”, making its home here in The Centre, but I like many others have been an enthusiastic backer of this idea for some considerable time.
Such a centre would make a fantastic addition to our list of attractions and would also provide many employment opportunities. There is plenty of competition for this centre around Australia. Its coming here is by no means certain. We make these things happen by arguing our case, pressuring government. I’ve been doing a great deal of that over a considerable length of time and should I win the Mayoral contest you can be absolutely certain that I will use the position to push like hell for this centre, along with any other innovative ideas that I think will assist our town’s economy and overall well-being.
I am an ordinary working bloke who does that in his spare time. There is nothing at all stopping you and others from doing the same, the more voices the better our chance of winning Government support. Should we however fail in attracting Federal support for a National Centre we will then have to turn our attention to what we can do on a local basis because a cultural centre is a very much needed part of a balanced community and tourism infrastructure.
As for the alcohol questions, try opening your eyes and your minds to what you see in front of you and forget the idiotic statistics! You might want to ask yourself why various bodies supposedly in pursuit of the community good continually use false and misleading statistics to argue their case. The answer is “Propaganda” – our response to our alcohol issues is generated by a bureaucracy intent on appearing to address the issue without actually getting off their proverbial to do anything because it’s all too hard.
It’s called “being seen to do something”! The harsh reality is, you can’t change what’s going on by writing new rules, especially if you are too gutless to enforce them. We have rules about drinking in public places, in town camps, in housing homes. We have rules about trading hours. We have rules that say you can’t ram raid a club or break and enter a pub. We have rules about drugs and what have all these rules bought us?? No resolution to the problem at all!
All the rules, bar the trading hours, completely ignored!
But those rules have succeeded in criminalizing the population, our jails are bursting, and we are pouring a fortune into building more! Yet we still have some that argue for further restrictions! It’s time to stop the stupidity, return to relatively normal restrictions and get to work on creating an inclusive community with an emphasis on self responsibility. We will accomplish this by pushing the serious problem drinkers into mandatory rehabilitation a prison farm model that includes community reintegration programs.
Problem drinkers will go through this program as many times as it takes to learn that if they wish to drink they must do so in a responsible, law abiding manner. In the long term however the only answer to the alcohol problem lies in creating pathways to meaningful fulfilling lives this can only be bought about over the long term by education, all kids in school, community infrastructure community inclusion, an end to the hand in the face that continually says the world you see in front of you is not for you! The answer lies in true unadulterated equality and in providing the tools and the circumstance to participate in a “welcoming” community.

Council should not be in government’s pocket, says mayoral candidate Brown
Yeah Dave’ I’m not sure what your point is supposed to be or is it that you simply don’t understand, or like the democratic process. Nothing government does is fixed, it is always open to change if you can swing the argument to your way of thinking. Council can have a very marked impact on this process at any time. As for Parks and Wildlife, they do not have, nor are they entitled to have, an opinion on anything! Their role is to comply with the wishes of those who fund them. Us the tax payers, as represented by our elected members. In Alice the neighbour’s barking dog is quite often responsible for saving the house next door from break and enter. You might also want to consider, while we are talking barking dogs, the usefulness of the dog that cowers in the corner and barks for nobody.

Recent Comments by Steve Brown

Gallery fiasco: school heritage process ‘massively flawed’
Oddly enough Domeninco, from around 1984 I’ve noted an escalating deterioration of our town’s earlier strengths and character.
Those of us who are amongst the town’s earliest families, the builders of the Alice and other towns in the Territory, understood what it took to create healthy, well balanced, economically viable, communities.
Unfortunately the vibrancy once driven by a very healthy private sector has long since given way to petty bureaucracy and welfareism along with all the blow in petty politic of envy and ignorance those sectors brought with them.
Replacing vibrancy, hope and belief with a petty mentality of obstructionism and envy, glaring down, standing in the way of, anything that might create, dare I say, the dirty words economic progress!
This attempt to save an ugly, rotten old, asbestos riddled building of no architectural merit is just another example of that moronic stifling mentality.
Crime and corruption about which these people winge constantly, flourishes in places that don’t offer hope and progress!
Sloth and disillusionment flourish in places of bureaucratic overload and petty envious obstructionism!
To clean our town up, to get it moving, to offer hope, we need to deal with those things!
We simply must learn to walk right on bye the wingers, specially the blow-in wingers, and to get right on with building our town, a place of enormous potential if only it is given enough air to breathe.

Gallery fiasco: school heritage process ‘massively flawed’
There is absolutely nothing architecturally noteworthy about this crappy old building, just because a particular person visited, walked past, looked at or went to this school doesn’t make it a place that must be preserved!
It would hang like a millstone around the community’s collective necks for perpetuity.
This building has been sitting there rotting for years yet you suddenly find a deep underlying passion and love for it when another use for its location is found?
I cry BS on this claim!
You are simply being obstructionist! As per usual I might add!
Keeping old completely un-noteworthy buildings in premier positions simply creates an enormously expensive ulcerating rot in the central locations of town, forcing us to extend our CBD over a wider and wider area destroying along with that expansion any chance of creating a thriving central CBD.
So while there certainly are buildings that are noteworthy and worth preserving despite this fact ie Flynn Church and Adelaide House etc.
Much less noteworthy building such as this old school must give way to the new!

Private forecaster tips massive rains for Alice
Heavy rains will certainly be welcome, no doubt about it Ed, but 30 to 50mm is a long way short of what’s required to produce floods like the one pictured.
That kind of flood requires closer to 200mm over a fairly short period of time … wouldn’t that be nice?

Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action
@ Evelyn: While I agree with the general intent of your comment it is important to note for the interested children’s education, that neither their action nor any taken by this nation will have the slightest effect on the world climate! Even if we could completely halt all of our carbon production tomorrow, it would not make the slightest difference to climate change.
So by all means kids work towards a cleaner environment, cleaner air and cleaner oceans, but don’t be taken for a ride by those who seek to create irrational fears about your own beautiful world, through politically motivated, fear mongering garbage, about climate change.
It is a natural part of our world and always will be!
The thing we really do need to need fear and guard against, are the mindless efforts of indoctrinated climate fanatics who seek through their ignorance and city bred real world isolation, to do something irrational about planetary warming.
It would benefit everyone to keep in mind that a warming climate is a more productive climate, while on the other hand a cooling climate very quickly becomes a threat to all life on earth, through starvation!
Let’s hope we get to sit somewhere in between. In the meantime there is one very real threat we should all fight and guard against, the life threatening efforts of climate science to artificially interfere with our climate. One stupid mistake and “Winter really will be coming”!

‘Arrogant’ government fails to answer 20 questions
Didn’t Robyn spruik long and loud the benefits of having an Independent Member for Araluen?
Now she is completely bound up in petty squabbling about more resources.
And not one single question to Government about things that affect the rest of us.
While the Territory goes to hell in a hand basket!
No pressure on Government at all!
Talk about ineffective.
You are payed a dam good wage plus expenses. Write your own speeches and for the Territory’s sake, get on with the job.
[ED – Mr Brown was the CLP candidate for Araluen.]

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