Hi Jerry, May I suggest that you get your facts correct …

Comment on LETTER: Attack on film crew – should we defer to criminals? by Ron Thynne.

Hi Jerry,

May I suggest that you get your facts correct before instructing my staff on what in a perfect world should have happened?
How easy it is for you to criticise my staff on how they should have made the 000 emergency calls. The TV crew ran into Aurora Alice Springs knowing full well Aboriginal women were chasing them and my reception staff made the 000 calls on assessing the fear on the faces of the retreating TV crew. Why didn’t the TV crew use their own phones?

It is easy for you to sit back in the comfort of your home and tell my staff how they should have made the call. I made a call, as you kindly suggested with the description you have detailed, at 6.43pm, the police didn’t arrive until 7.13pm, and I rest my case.

My criticism of the time police took to respond is and was totally warranted.

Ron Thynne
General Manager – Aurora Alice Springs

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