Hi Jerry, how cleanly you cut to the quick of an …

Comment on LETTER: Attack on film crew – should we defer to criminals? by Ashleigh Divola.

Hi Jerry,

how cleanly you cut to the quick of an issue we all skirt around! We need to lock criminals up! There should be no consideration of the fact they were drunk, or black, or white, or green.
The only consideration should be, the crime and the victims.
I also admire your use of factual evidence, according to the police reports of the incident, the information they received from the Aurora hotel’s staff, led them to believe there was no overwhelming danger.
And therein lies the problem, now Ron, I’m sure that a terrifying situation like that, where your staff and self (not to mention property) are in danger can put a strain on your perception of what you think is “fast enough” for the police to respond.
But to criticize the public servants for acting on information they received and categorized by risk would only serve to stoke the fires of your own memory.
In the future if you want to receive a faster response, you now know how the police categorize the calls they receive, so perhaps instead of commenting somewhat pettily on the comfort of Jerry’s home, you could take a moment to appreciate the issue from another perspective.
Now before you comment on the comfort of MY home, know that I worked as a supervisor, next door to your hotel at the Alice Springs news-agency, for over two years and I experienced similar things first hand many times and yet, I still have no criticism for the police that arrive on the scene and preform a public service.
Living in Alice Springs has become a combat sport, that is just a fact. It serves no one to whine about the police or reporters in this issue, complain instead to your local politicians about how hamstrung the laws are when it comes to dealing with drunks.
It is the ultimate form of racism for our legal system to separate blacks from whites at judgment time. So my advice is to complain where its warranted, and put your words to good use.
Also I live quite comfortably Ron, perhaps we could have coffee sometime? 🙂

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