I’m sure their town is lovely, good for them. The …

Comment on Do-it-yourself rescue of battling outback town by Doubtful.

I’m sure their town is lovely, good for them. The locals in Alice Springs beat up tourists and break into their cars, stealing any attempts business owners make at a successful business. Maybe if ALL the locals were on board in Alice the town could take a leaf out of Broken Hill’s book.

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The facts the Amnesty fact finder didn’t find
Poverty? Poverty! If Aboriginal people in Alice Springs want to know poverty, they could look up African communities or South East Asia people on their child’s free brand new computer before family smash it, they could discover “poverty” is directed more towards those who don’t get free Centrelink benefits, don’t get royalties, don’t get free education and school lunches, free healthcare, a free bus to catch a ride on to the clinic, free medication, don’t get free food vouchers when they spend all their free government payments on grog and junk food/cars. Grog costs money, get real Kunoth-Monks. Take responsibility for the misspent wealth of your people.

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