“Diversity certainly isn’t a feature of the Mayoral poll: To …

Comment on How the new counting system may give us a more diverse town council by D’Arcy Boulton.

“Diversity certainly isn’t a feature of the Mayoral poll: To a man – pardon the pun – the five candidates are male, white, middle-class, middle-age small businessmen.”
I was a bit surprised to read that Samih Bitar is white. Are you sure? I haven’t met him, but he is my uncle. As far as I know he is olive skinned. Originally from Lebanon, ie Lebanese, ie DIVERSITY. Do you even know anything about these people?

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Ice – it’s worse than any of us realise
Aside from the fact it’s a very powerful poem, it’s all over the internet, and has been for a long time.
The most credible author I can find of it is that it was written by Samantha Reynolds, who was an adult when she wrote it, she was not an addict, and had never even seen meth.
Just saying, although its powerful, check your sources.

Council suspends its collection scheme and activists ‘disable’ Coca Cola machines as NT loses container deposit court case
Boycotted. At least Coca Cola Amatil has the right colour advertising on their bottles / cans. I’d be red faced too if I made such a shameful decision.
I hope they come to an arrangement to support recycling, as opposed to seemingly adding to the problem rather than assisting with recycling.

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